beach sunset colour combo
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beach sunset colour combo
Red Heart Super Saver Color Combination: Inspired by Beach Sunset

What Are The Equivalent Yarn Weights?

We receive this type of question everyday from fans around the world. The Crochet Crowd, being Canadian, we have access to yarns that our friends in the UK and Australia cannot find on their yarn store shelves.

It’s a hard question to answer because I’ve not had enough exposure to other yarns, outside of Canada / USA to give a firm answer. Most people are looking for the most economic solutions.

I went looking online and found an excellent resource by Sarah London. Sarah has done her homework in cross analysis of comparing the USA, UK and Australia with giving brands that we are typically using here in North America.

I invite you to review this article called Crochet Talk: Yarn Weight by Sarah London as she has pictures and excellent tables to refer to. It’s a resource that I found extremely helpful when understanding the yarns that I am not typically exposed to here.