10 Complaints with Yarn

Rolled Up Yarn Balls
Rolled Up Yarn Balls
Rolled Up Yarn Balls

Some of us look at our balls as half empty and others look at half full. These are classic complaints, some major eye-rollers!

You can expect sarcasm so if that doesn’t float your boat, click away!

Yarn Squeaks On Hook

Crochet Pig Stuffie
Crochet Pig Stuffie

Oh sweetie pies, is your yarny warny squeaking on your little hook of yours! Oh my gawd, put the house up for sale and move to another area of the world!

You know they invented soap just for squeaking crochet hooks eh! Yeah, rub that shaft with some soap but make sure you don’t enjoy it too much though. It makes the hook more lubricated and should get rid of the squeak! Others online have solutions and I sure there are doozies!

Yarn Balls Fall Between Sofa Cushions

Crochet Kitty Couch
Crochet Kitty Couch

Gee, I wonder what I can do to fix that solution? Hmmm… that’s a hard one. Oh, I got it, don’t leave the ball on the cushion. I know, I’m a rocket scientist.

You know, bowls are more than just for cereal, soup and big slabs of ice cream. Put the ball in the bowl and let it roll around inside the bowl.

Knots in Balls

Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction

Definitely call the yarn police on this one. We are living in a fast-paced, have to have it now for as cheap as possible. Knotless balls up the cost as there will be more landfills because fibre is fickle. We are in a creative industry where we start and stop colours. So if the ball is the same colour, cut the knot out, start the strand. Yes, inconvenient but trust me, you will eventually get over it.

However, the knot is in a ball of transitioning colour yarn. Absolutely have a fit. You’re entitled. Possibly throw the ball against the wall see if it changes colour. Be sure to go on Facebook and tell the world you are unhappy. We feel your pain but we cannot do anything about it other than nodding our heads up and down and pushing the unhappy face.

Yarn is in Hank Format

Crochet Yarn Swift
Crochet Yarn Swift

Hmmm, you bought it. Spare me the drama! There are inventions calls Yarn Swifts and ball winders. Usually, yarn stores and I am talking the independents usually have the service to wind it to a ball if you ask them.

If not, ask a friend to hold the hank open and wind it with your own hands. If they won’t, find the leverage point to push them into sacrificing some time for you.

It generally means the yarn is of higher quality when in hank format. It costs more money to wind a ball for a ball band than into hank format. Besides, it’s pretty.

Yarn is Tangling Up Coming Out of The Ball

Mikey Yarn Bath
Mikey Yarn Bath

What are you? NEW? It happens. Just be patient, breathe and possibly do some yoga if it’s upsetting you so you can go at that ball with calmness and gently finger it to open up the tangle.

If you really want to set yourself into raging fits of anger, pull on it hard and really tangle that sucker up. It will put you in heavy mood swings and the first person you see is going to get a tongue lashing.

It happens, it’s just the yarn gawds reminding you that you are not in charge and to be a nicer person. Seriously though, just be patient. If this is the worst of your day, I think you are probably having a better day than others.

Yarn Colour is Discontinued

Yarn with No Ball Bands
Yarn with No Ball Bands

I have this really uncanny luck of designing something new and not checking my balls, I mean shelves, to see if I have enough. Only to realize midway that I am out and that wishing for new yarn to suddenly appear doesn’t seem to work.

I have been such an ass where I know I don’t have enough stuck and keep thinking a ball will just show up in a place that I didn’t expect. Meanwhile, I am stressed about it.

Yes, I get caught with my pants down, metaphorically speaking, with realizing that I didn’t buy enough yarn. Sometimes I buy just 1 ball of yarn just because it’s pretty. But it like popcorn, you cannot just have one heaping handful, you have to push several handfuls down my trap and push it down with a gigantic pop! Wait, am I am getting too personal!

It happens and it sucks. People like new choices and things change. Give the yarn to someone else, maybe they have the complimentary colours.

Cannot Find the Interior Strand

Mikey Teaching at Airport
Mikey Teaching at Airport

I can always find my interior strands. Sometimes though, it’s like I have dug into the pits of hell to get it but I got it. Does it make me happy when that tricky little tail is difficult to find, not really. But once I got to the end, the joy I feel and relief is worth it.

New machines today are taking this account where there’s a tail hanging out to prevent the treasure hunting. Some of the equipment rolling yarn balls are from two or more generations again that is still in use. Changing equipment means higher yarn costs. I like my yarn to be as cheap as possible, so I will gladly dig.

I’m going in girls and boys! I’m a pro!

I hate Winding Skeins to Balls

Sugar Bush Yarns
Sugar Bush Yarns

Um really! Why are you doing that anyway? Do you have that much time on your hands?! Find the interior strand and pull it from the centre or pull from the outside. Save the drama!

If it’s a personal preference that you do that… then suck it up! I don’t want to hear it, button it!

Crap, I rolled my eyes so hard, they are stuck in the back of my head! I mean seriously…

The Project is the Wrong Colour But I Settled

Yarn Color Wheel
Yarn Color Wheel

Ummm, you know that’s a choice you made, eh! If you think the colour is wrong when you started and are feeling it while making it… why continue? Am I missing something fundamental here?

Yeah, I have crocheted with colours I settled for and didn’t absolutely love it but it was my own choice that made me be unhappy.

Changing Yarn Balls with So Many Tails

Industrial Yarn Cones Tied Together
Industrial Yarn Cones Tied Together

So many tails… like so… so… so many tails. Weaving in tail ends means the project is progressing and for those who leave it to the end and cuss it out. You left it to the end instead of dealing with it as you went. Yeah, your project is looking like a rug hooking project but just breathe and get out the tapestry needle and do it already.

Don’t waste time and complain about it on social media. You could have secured a few tails while trying to figure out what to say. Then you will waste more time checking to see what people responded to.

In the end, the yarn arts as a hobby and meant to enjoy. Nothing in life is ever perfect but for most of us, the pride we feel in finishing a project is second to none. So you have a few speed bumps… I bet you are probably thinking about your next project already! So it’s not that bad… right!?

Leave me a comment in the blog here for things you find that annoys you about yarn. 

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  1. bari cordia federspiel

    Everything I’ve hated was my own fault. I’ll just leave it at that and go weave in some tails.

    • Margie

      So very on point with these. I was laughing so hard!

      As for winding into balls…and/or searching for ends…neither of these bother me. BUT my mom is 88 and can’t do any of the crafts she used to due to her eyes so I bring a couple skeins of yarn to her when I visit and she gets a lot of joy out of ‘helping’ me by winding and un-knotting them for me. We have wonderful conversations while we work together. Precious memories.

  2. Hey Mikey, 😘 I DON’T like the flippin fuz! Flying everywhere. Flyin up my nose, in my eyes and in my coffee ! It ticks me off. Causes CUSSING fits ! At my “yarnage ” I’ve been trying to control that habit. The WTFs … Its never ending, and I tell those balls to stop throwing it at me or I’ll get the thread and tie em in to the shelf for life…

  3. My beef is with yarn that just breaks. No warning. Just knitting along very happily and it breaks in spite of my not being a tight knitter. White areas in yarn that obviously got missed in the dye process. Not nice. Knitting and coming to a place in the yarn where it gets so thin. Not cute.

  4. Michelle

    YESS!! All of this lol thank you Mikey for vocalizing what some of us feel.

    • Misty

      For the whole tail weaving thing, I actually just crochet my tails into the project as I go so I don’t have to sew them in later. It works like a charm! No sewing and its weaved in perfectly!

  5. Michelle Dear

    I’m too new to have many complaints about yarn (except frustration about tangling). But I’m drinking my morning coffee and this is the first article I’ve read by you (I usually see your vids) and your voice naturally came through. I laughed the whole way through! Thank you for that!

  6. Donna

    Good points. Yarn barf happen…so, aren’t you going to use that yarn, anyway?
    It’ll work itself out. Personally, I am tired of hearing, “Are these colors too girly?” or “Will these be appropriate for a boy?” I thought we were done with ‘genderizing’ colors. Do these people think the baby cares if it gets a blanket that 50 years ago was considered feminine or masculine? I like darker colors & can’t stand pinks & reds, so there.

  7. Cheryl

    “Don’t waste time and complain about it on social media.”
    Ding-ding-ding! In all that time wasted complaining, one could have finished weaving-in those ends, or winding a ball, or completing any other project in life! Let’s leave social media for the fun, pretty, inspiring posts!

  8. Donna Grybowski

    Dd loves mandala projects with tons of color changes – but strongly dislikes weaving in all the ends. I think weaving the ends is relaxing and gives me a “almost done, woohoo” feeling. We spend quality time together working with yarn and just being with each other. A lot of interesting conversations happen as well. We also combine stashes for projects or she “shops” in mine, but then I have a reason to yarn shop.

  9. Tamara

    You forgot “the pattern on the ball band isn’t in the colour I bought”

  10. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! And oh how right you are on all of the Points. Thank You! Love You!

  11. Terry G

    Thank you for the giggles! I love winding hanks into balls, detailing knots, and weaving in ends. They are all relaxing activities to me. Weird, I guess.

    • Carol

      I also love untangling knots. It’s good to be weird!! 😉

      • Deb Miller

        When I get frustrated, I ask my son to help me untangle my yarn…LOL…I know I’m being a bad Mom…because…I know it’s transference, as I know he will feel the need to be the avenging white knight and want to slay the yarn dragon into a perfectly round ball 😄🤣

  12. Kathryn Snow

    My pet peeve about yarn is the dye lots… there are some stores that only put out 3-4 skeins/balls of yarn when I need 4-5 skeins in the same dye lot. I was spoiled by Red Heart in the 90’s with the “No Dye Lot” marketing so now that so many yarn manufacturers are going to overseas manufacturing, the colors are starting to have issues…

  13. Crystal

    My top three would be…
    1) Unfrogable yarn. Ya know the kind that is totally Unforgettable.
    2) When it does the splits. I’m a little jealous that I’m not that flexible.
    3) Small balls. I mean the bigger the better, right?

    • Mosky

      Great points…all my pet peeves besides the pattern on the band being tiny and in light grey print and not on the website, lol.

    • Rebecca Haen

      I feel you on the nonfrogable yarn, I HATE IT!

  14. Reesa N.

    I hate it when I don’t bother to do a gauge swatch first, or use the right weight yarn or right hook size, and the finished product doesn’t come out the right size. Those things shouldn’t matter so much, as long as I (mostly) follow the pattern, right?

  15. Darla J Watlet

    This was a delight to read and I’ve had many of my own personal eye rolling moments! I’ve even hid those ends so well that I couldn’t “Frog” so had to completely start over… grrrrr
    Yarn quality varies and some of the most beautiful yarns have little defects and that’s just the nature of the material but all workable in the end and we produce our gorgeous creations to be admired and become family heirlooms. All I can say is “keep on hooking” as there is always someone who will love your work! Thank You Mikey… 💜💜💜. I’m 75 and my hands ache a little but I still keep crocheting and just a little slower than most.

  16. Diana Collins

    My biggest pet peeve is when a yarn goes a lot thinner in parts and the thickens up. Like it got pulled thin.. (to be I can’t do that with my pudge) I hate to waste so much yarn cutting it out. Seems to be a bunch all in one skein then I don’t have it happen again for a long time. (Thank goodness) but all in all it’s another one of the don’t sweat the small stuff…

  17. Cathy M

    So funny. Loved this & your sarcasm 😂
    And so very much Appreciate all that you & Dan do for us!
    One thing about finding the interior strand: I seemed to notice the opposite of you – I swear that back in the 70s, when I first started & taught myself to crochet, that the ENDS were much easier to find. 😁. I remember the ends sticking out the middle, or they were close & (some?) had an arrow on the label indicating which side to find the end. So, that’s my biggest frustration 😂(& second is the knots 😜)🤪
    & Linda Wright, I have done that same thing, too – couldn’t find my ends when I’ve needed to frog

  18. Val

    I agree 100% with all your comments however you missed one – “the pattern is for a blue thingy but I want to make it in pink, would that be ok?”

  19. Cynthia Lacy

    Holy crap that was funny 😆

  20. Anders

    Quite the chuckle.
    Loved reading this!
    I have to admit I may have complained on one or more of the aforementioned eye-roll worthy items. After this though, I will just shut up and crochet. Hahaaa

    • Sarah

      Perfect! Just perfect! Get over yourself and get busy!!

  21. Janice

    Thanks for the fantastic birthday laugh!! I’m now 66 years young. When I started crochet, the only cotton yarn you could find came in hank format and had to wind by hand. Took no time at all after you got the hang of it. All yarn had die lots. You were lucky if you found enough of the same die lot for your project, even buying it in the same store at the same time. Keep up the great work. I enjoy your videos and have learned a lot of new tricks from you as well as refreshing myself on old tricks I have forgotten over the years. Your devoted fan!!!


    I dislike the posting of yarn hauls. That’s like showing how much cash is in your wallet….

  23. Margarita Mieux

    I can’t understand why some people would complain about the issues they have with the yarn. When I started crocheting, there were stores like “The Yarn Mart”, where 80 % of the yarn was sold in bulk, and you would have to wind the balls yourself. I have become real good at untangling yarn knots that the issues you mentioned above do not bother me at all. I relax as I untangle knots, and rewind into a new ball.
    Love you and Dan for all your hard work, and thanks for all the lovely pattern ideas.

  24. Cara

    I’m right there with you! As far as yarn being tangled when you pull it out of the center, if people would just be patient and gently pull, they would find that it isn’t really tangled. It just needs a gentle shake and pull. When they pull it hard is when it actually becomes knotted.

  25. Kathryn

    Just love your sarcasm! I laughed so hard. I agree with you on all these points.

  26. Linda Wright

    Love it!!! One thing I discovered recently about weaving ends as I go…I hid them so well it took me forever to frog when I decided I didn’t like my last 6 rounds. Lots of grumbling as I did this. Next time I will leave a tail and just go back and clip them.

  27. C.Best

    Oh Mikey, These yarn concerns are mostly for this new to the creative process. Although, like you I too seem to find 1 of a kind Yarns and I run out before the project is finished. I look forward to my yarn squeaking on my hook.. You are entertaining on many levels.

  28. Anna

    Agree Agree Agree. Your amazingly and always bring a smile to my face 😍. Thanks. My only complaint that is unavoidable is buying all the stock left at the store to do a complete project (needed 6 skeins and bought the last 6 available) only to find that different lots can make such a difference with solid colors 🥰😛😝😚

  29. Pearl

    Love your sarcasm and especially the eye-rolling comment, and I agree totally with your point of view. People are so impatient/lazy/want-it-now and can’t relax and enjoy the journey. Take a breath, people.

  30. Chris

    Loved this! Thanks for the smile this morning. 😊

  31. Ruth Richardson

    Love your wit and sarcasm!
    Too many people would be pissed if they suddenly found themselves being happy about something/anything and rolling with the punches. I think there’s a bit of laziness involved as well (re-winding skeins to balls, excavating for the yarn end, etc. Waa, waa, waa!
    Great recap – Thanks Mikey.

  32. Bruce Glassford

    Oh you’re on a roll today 🙂 My complaint is that my yarn either multiplies (if I’m trying to stash bust) or vanishes (if I’m working on a limited colourway) – I had three skeins when I started and I’m finishing the second and the third has vanished. Of course it usually turns up later after I’ve frogged and done something that needs less yarn.

  33. Michele Sanders

    Some people feel they are so entitled and it’s beneath them to cut a knot out and hide an end.

    One thing I dislike about a no dye lot yarn is going back to get more and finding out the manufacturer has changed the formula so the feel of the yarn is softer or stiffer or the halo of the yarn is different. I try changing in a non-conspicuous place to hide the fact the yarn has changed. I know the manufacturers are always trying to improve and I think it’s great. I just need to work the old yarns out of my stash.

  34. Corine St Jean

    I’ve been crocheting for 40 years and nothing annoys me more than seeing people on social media complaining about such trivial things. I want to tell them that if this is their biggest problem in life then they can just pack up their stash and hooks and mail it to me and they can find another hobby.

    • Kathryn

      Exactly! I’m there with you.

  35. Kerri Z

    I’m in the minority of not minding weaving in ends at the finish of my project. More so with graphghans because I’ve misjudged something and then had to waste yarn that I couldn’t frog out. I used to roll skeins into balls because of the tangles but I have a yarn winder now. The yarn winder is good for those hanks, as well as a yarn swift.

  36. I love the eye-rolling!!! Sometimes, as fiber artists, we need to step back and realize that these are first world problems & put our frustration in perspective. At least we have the capability to buy yarn and create. Thanks for the share and all you do for our crafts.

  37. Nancy Elliott

    Now aren’t you glad you got that off your chest!!! Well said and I couldn’t agree more…love those double entendre 🙂

  38. Laura Sisk

    Omg!! I laughed the whole way through this post! I agree with all those eye rolling moments by the way! Thanks for the laugh Mikey!!

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