Afghan Size Calculator

Afghan Size Calculator
Crochet Through Thick and Thin Throw
Crochet Through Thick and Thin Throw

How do you figure out afghan sizes?

I have created a formula to calculate the chain counts needed to get to the sizes you need. The formula will also calculate stitch sets for those who require a pattern, such as a wave afghan to stay in balance for stitches.

Sizes of afghans have been provided in the equation for those interested to know the standard sizes of crochet afghans. I have included everything from receiving blanket sizes to king size.

For my calculator, you will need a measuring tape to give me a few dimensions. Due to everyone having their own gauge for stitching, this formula will adjust to your own tension to provide you with accurate details.

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  1. Heather Walker

    Thank you for this very useful calculator. Now that I know how many stitches and rows are needed, how do I calculate how much yarn is needed. It is for a giant Granny Square – Kingsize with drape. The yarn being used is 100% Acrylic, Double Knit. Hook size is 4mm (f/5). Stitch being used is DC (3 DC into chain space, 1Ch to create Chain space)

    • Deborah A Brown

      No it wasnt helpful I can’t do the caculatori just want to know how many 14 oz skeins to make a gueen size corner to corner

    • Deborah A Brown

      No it wasnt helpful I can’t do the caculatori just want to know how many 14 oz skeins to make a gueen size corner to corner

      • Sayantani

        Awesome thanks so much

      • Kathy Little

        Won’t that depend on the yarn, the pattern and the hook size?

      • I’m not sure what you are referring to, but yes the size of a pattern does depend on yarn weight and hook size as well as the individual crocheters gage, for myself I am a tight crocheter so I usually have to go up a few hook sizes

      • Dubster

        There are so many factors that go into how much yarn is needed. Depending on the fibre the yardages can really vary for example. Other factors such as gauge, hook size and stitch were already given and all of those also come into play. I know for a basic afghan using regular worsted weight acrylic then depending on pattern I can need anything from 700 to 2500 grams of yarn (25 to 88 oz). If I’m following a commercial pattern and not using the recommended yarn then I find its safer to determine needed quantities based on yardage rather than weight. Good luck.

  2. I have used this calculator for years now. I pulled up my link and the calculator is no longer there…..Do you still have it published somewhere?

    • Mikey

      Stand by… I am still fixing the site and need to turn on the calculations module.

      • Joan Patton

        Hi, I want to make the dragonfly free baby blanket but add to make it a throw, I have added stitches and tore out twice , the pattern does not come out correct. The pattern size is 36×36 , I want it wider. Then I will just keep going for longer, I added 20 stitches, tore out , subtracted 4 and now will tear that out today. Help!

      • Coline

        I love the way you teach. Your videos are wonderful. Don’t change a thing
        I simply measure the bed and do that amount of chains and off I go
        If you do a swatch before starting you can then get a rough estimate of how much yarn you need

  3. Jessica

    Hello! I think I’ve worked out what I need but I’m not 100% sure. I’m making a C2C queen size no drape blanket as a wedding gift; I’m using Caron One Pound or either Red Heart Super Saver & a 5mm hook. I plugged in the stitch sets as 4. Is that correct? Does this calculator work for C2C? I worked out from it that I need to keep going until it’s 80×60 but like I said I wasn’t 100%. Thanks in advance!

    • Judy

      Been looking for how to crochet a queen size american drag .you know where I can find one thanks for your time

    • Melissa

      For a c2c afghan each set of 4 equals 1 block therefore 1 block (for me) is one stitch at 1 inch per block with a H/8 (5.00mm) hook. so make a swatch with 4 squares by 4 squares. This is not a calculator for c2c though this is for normal stitches and I use JS Calc here for my c2c afghan calculator:

  4. Sherrie Fendrych

    What if I don’t have an answer for the ‘stitch sets’ part? Not working from a pattern, but just ‘free-handing’ using the linen stitch for a king-size with drape?

  5. Michelle

    I’m new to graphgans I’m wanting to make a lap throw something like 50×72. I have tried everything to get my stitchs can you please help me.

    • Can you just chain 50″. I would just chain and grab a measuring tape and stop when you hit your desired width. Everyone has different tensions, so what works for me, may be too tight or loose for you.

      • Christi

        I’m needing some help on figuring out the amount of yard I need for a blanket I’m not usein a pattern.

      • Margie bandonell

        I want to make a king size bedspread. With crochet thread. How many balls will need

  6. Michele Scheideman

    I love this calculator. I use it all the time when making the temperature blanket. It calculates everything I need. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • April D. Beyer

      I have ? think fits full size bed, all rossette off white afghan my mom made, thought about selling it ? Did not see on the calculator anything about rossettes, i do know to make those requires more yarn. Took my mom a very long time to make it/ my 1 cousin helped her to learn the rossettes. I see they afghans sell cheaper usually then the cost.

      • Doretha Tullar

        Hello Mikey is 12:30 at night where I am and Marilyn what to know how many stitches I need to make a Queen size comforter how many balls of yarn to I need and how many stitches would it take brand new quays size bed need to know how many stitches how many balls of young I won’t need.

  7. Rebecca N

    I’ve noticed the Afghan size calculator is not working. any idea on how long until it will be back up and working?

    • I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with it… I think it’s a programming issue. It’s on my to do list but not top priority at the moment. I’m sorry.

    • Louise Sweety

      How many scans of yarn do i need to make a king size Afghan i use a 5mm hook Impectable loops & threads thus is for a wedding gift

      • Mikey

        I’m really not sure. I haven’t crocheted with that yarn before. The king size, are you doing the drape or no draping? Everyone’s tension is unique. You could be a loose or tight crocheter.

        Usually as a designer, we would crochet the width and do 1 foot of the project. From that foot, you will see how many yarn balls to do that. Then, figure out how many feet you want to make it and then do the math.

  8. Deborah J Aubee

    I am in desperate need of figuring out how many yards it will take to make a queen size bedspsread using an I hook in a pineapple stitch pattern.

    • kittenangel2002

      For others in need if an answer, Swatch in the stitches you intend on using then measure that swatch, if te pattern states a certain stitch for your swatch use that stitch!

  9. Jenn G.

    I have noticed the last few times I have come to your website to use the calculator that it is just gone. All I see is the text you have posted on using it and the comments people have left. I really liked using your calculator! 🙁

    • Stacy

      Need help I am making a hand woven blanket with super chunky big soft wool and I’m makibg it 48” by 60” how much will I need when I can get a ball of 250 grams.

  10. Monica

    Yes i am looking to make a blanket and i am just now doing the forst chain and i dont know how many stitches i need to make a twin size cover

  11. Cynthia

    Mikey, your row calculator is wrong because I get 4 rows of sc in an inch. Your calculator says I get .17 per inch. Might want to have a second look dude.

  12. TerrI Mesiano

    if making a C2C blanket for about a twin size blanket/afghan how many rows do i do in increasing b4 I start to decrease?-Have searched everywhere but cant figure it out-i believe it could be appro 90 rows? ty in advance

    • Cathie Huxtable

      C2C is the easiest pattern to use and accurately predict the size of your blanket. You increase both ends until you get your length or width. Let’s say you keep increasing until you get your width of your blanket, then you will not longer increase that end but keep increasing the other end until you have your length. Then you will not be increasing either end and your work will be decreasing by two blocks per row until you just end up with one block.

      • Lynn F.

        Can you estimate how much yarn it would take to make C2C using Red Heart Soft, approx. 50″ X 50″?

      • Lynda R Mulvey

        I need help in figuring how many ounces of redheart super saver yarn I need to purchase for a C2C size 80×80 blanket? Can you help me?

      • SandyT

        Hi Lynn,

        I just finished one that measured 50″ x 60″ using Bernat Premium yarn. It is a medium weight but not worsted. It took about 2300 yards of yarn. I am not sure how many yards the Red Heart Soft comes in, but this might give you an idea. The skeins I used were 5 oz., 256 yards per skein. Hope this helps.

  13. Yahna

    I think this is a great tool, but the only problem I have is I want to make a Laprobe that does not require many stitches. Our crochet group is making lap robes and I thought I would do the “Box” stitch pattern. It does not tell you how many stitches to chain for a lap robe. Yarn , yarn bee Soft Secret and I am using a size H hook. I don’t have a lap robe pattern but I hope you can help.

    • Cathie Huxtable

      Just measure it against your bed and keep working until you are happy.

      • Cathie Huxtable

        Sorry that response was for crystal who is making a granny square blanket.

  14. crystal

    Im making a granny square for a queen bed just a big granny does anyone know how many rounds i need to do with a drape

  15. Elisabeth Gawthrop

    This is my first-ever post on this site even though I’ve been crocheting regularly for 10 years as of this year. Good for you for including this calculator! 🙂 I’m a closeted math geek, and I appreciate calculators in general. If I need this one, I know where to come. 🙂

  16. helen

    i want use a bulky yarn {5} in a chevron stitch db crochet twin size blanket 69″ x 90″
    how much yarn will i need/
    [email protected]

  17. caitie

    i am making a blanket for a California king size bed i’m using Caron cake yarn with a size h crochet hook and i am doing half double crochet with a chain two at the end. how many balls of yarn will i need to get my blanket to 72×84 inches?

    • Egypt

      How many yarn for a king size

    • Rene

      I look at the original size of the pattern, and subtract the original width from what you are making, and do the same for the length. The numbers will give you an idea of how much more yarn that you need. I have made 3 twin size & 1 queen size blankets following afghan patterns, found that by doubling the amount of yarn that the original patterns call for is usually more than enough. For 1 of the twin size blankets I doubled the size of the motifs/blocks so I would not have to make so many, and for another twin size blanket, I used a heavier weight yarn, (i.e.: the original pattern called for a worsted weight yarn, and I used a bulky weight yarn.)

  18. Nancy

    If three rows is .75 inches for me, then an inch will be 4 rows. Your calculator is telling me .25 rows per inch. Clearly wrong!

    • Rachel

      I think its supposed to be inches per row

  19. Cathy

    I am making an Queen 80″ waffle stitch blanket. Approximately how many rolls of yarn do I need?

    • Robyn Vrenios

      It depends on what size and brand of yarn you are using. I’m currently making a queen with drape, also in waffle/basket weave, using two strands of Aran held together. The yarn I’m using is 100 grams and 140 yards per hank. I calculated that I would need 28 hanks of each of my two colors, which equals just under 4000 yards per color. So if you are using a bulky or super bulky, that would be about 4000 yards. If you are going to double strand, it’s about 8000 yards. After you chose your yarn, find out how many yards are in each skein or hank and divide 4000/8000 by that number. That will tell you how many skeins/hanks you need. I hope that helps!

    • Donna

      Cathy, I seen your question about how much yarn for a queen waffle. I also have the same question. Please let me know if you could.
      Donna Morris ( Facebook)
      Onemoretime [email protected]
      Either way is fine. Thanks so much.

      • Donna

        I am using H hook and Big Twist yarn. 6 ounces, 371 yards and it’s medium 4 ply
        Making queen size Afghan and need to know how much yarn I need.

      • The calculator was intended for Afghan Sizes – at this time there is not a calculator available for How much yarn does it take…. That would depend upon all the different types of patterns, yarn, hook size and personal tension. I would suggest looking at patterns close to what you are making and go from there. – LJ

      • Beverly Girdlestone

        Could you tell me how many skeins of yarn, if I get 4ply and 3-4 oz. how many skeins I would need for a queen size Afghan. Thankyou

  20. Thank you so much for this calculator. It is a great/ handy tool, saves me a lot of redoing my work and it just works fantastic 🙂

  21. Ruth Keith

    I would like to know how much yarn (worsted weight) needed to make a 10ft. X 10ft., all double stitch, afghan.

    • Angela Gustafson

      I’m making a granny square lap afghan, 60x60inches, with 6 inch squares.

      • Angela Gustafson

        I just need a neighborhood estimate on how many yards of worsted weight to tell my customer to buy.

  22. Julie Grant

    How many rolls of yarn to make a queen size bed

    • LIsa Hardin

      I’m trying to make a queen size Afghan how much yarn would I need. I will be using DHL stitch.

    • Jackie

      This is the most helpful item come across and would just estimate.
      I’m starting to use the knitting board. For one thing I don’t have to worry about adding or looking a stitch. I wanted to know how many skeins of 127 yds in one skein for king size with no drape. Is there much difference between with drape or without drape for king size?

    • How much yarn would it take to make and Afghan for a queen size bed . It’s 84 inch wide and 94 inch long

  23. Deborah Doane

    You are a life saver for creating this!!!!!!

  24. Linda

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your time and generosity in sharing this size calculator. And happy crocheting!

  25. Gloria Cuellar

    I am making a ctc square queen size blanket at what point do I start I need 97 squares and then start decreasing on both sides?Please let me know,right now I have 54 squares.

    • How many blocks for c2c single bed blanket. Baby blanket.cot blanket and buggy blanket

    • Mary miller

      Hello dear! I don’t have the exact answer for you, but I am doing a c2c myself right now and I just finished the row that makes it 36″ on the straight edge. I’m using Caron Cakes yarn and a size J hook and there are 41 squares on the third side. I’m trying to figure it out too and don’t know if this will help, but hopefully you can use mine to figure out yours.

  26. Im making a corner to corner blanket using 8 balls of yarn and size g hook how wide will my blanket be when im done

    • Tour blanket should be wide enough for example 20-30cmm long

    • Dolores

      I have 204 granny squares. Could show me a chart for different colors?

  27. Mary

    hi Mike, It would be a great help if you could you tell me how many skeins yarn I would need for a baby blanket 36×36.The yarn I’m using is 297 yds per 100 gms..

  28. Hi! I’m making the Zig Zag Baby Blanket which measures 32 by 60 and needs 6 Caron Simply Soft. I want to change the size of it to 69 by 90. How many Caron Simply Soft will I need? Thank you.

    • Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that unless I do it myself and figure it out. Unfortunately, I am short of time to make this afghan to give you this information. There’s no magic formula of afghan size changes to get the yarn needed for difference sizes.

    • Carol Vargas

      The original size is 32 X 60 = 1,920 sq inches. If it calls for 6 skeins, then you’re able to crochet 1,920/6 = 320 sq inches of blanket per 1 skein. But the size you want is 69 X 90 = 6,210 sq inches. So 6,210/320 = 19 skeins needed. Who says we don’t use math in “real life”?

  29. Arya

    This is a pretty good tool. There is a problem with it though. When figuring the width for the starting chain, it does not take into account how many stitches you need for a set. It wants to be exactly the width you choose.

    So for example the pattern I’m using is in sets of 14, my 4″ chain is 12 chains or 3 chains per inch. to make a blanket that’s 39″ wide I need 117 chains according to the calculator. However my pattern will be cut off because 14 stitches*8 pattern repeats=112 chains which is 37 1/3″ wide or 14 stitches*9 pattern repeats=126 chains which is 42″ wide.

    The tool isn’t perfect but it helped me figure out that I need to either make 8 or 9 repeats in my pattern for what I’m making. I’m sure the row height will be pretty spot on but I can always measure it to double check.

  30. Charlotte Palm

    This is a great tool! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am making a rainbow ripple afghan for my brother in queen size with drape. Having this calculator was an immense help to me especially knowing how many rows I will need. It will be a great help in choosing the color pattern. You guys are the best!

  31. Diana Luzader

    How many chain stitches would I need to make a Tusisain Queen Size Alfghan

  32. mary

    Thank you for this!!! It helped me convert a baby afghan to a full size afghan. BRAVO!!!!

    • Debra Royal

      All it did was lock my screen till I made a comment.

      • Sharon milligan

        Can you tell me how many skeins of yarn I need for a queen size bed with a drape

  33. When you ask for height in decimal formula, how do you type it in. It rejected a / and it rejected decimal point.

    • Bing

      I have the same problem. I don’t know how to fix it if my measurement is .75.

    • Bing

      If you put .75 in the box, it will still calculate it even thought it gives a red error message. It’s still going to spit out a total number of rows.

    • CrochetKia

      It says it’s rejected but if you pick a blanket size and scroll down, it will give you the amount of rows. I enter 1.5 for one and half inches. Hope this helps.

  34. Sandy T

    I’m hoping that this will help me, but before I can even begin I need a question answered please. I don’t understand what you mean by stitch sets. I taught myself to crochet from a book 30 years ago. I dropped it for awhile and picked it up again about 6 years ago. I’ve got hundreds of patterns from store bought books to freebies online and I’ve never seen anything about stitch sets and nothing that mentions + anything. Most of them have gauges, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. Also, is there a way to make the adjustment on the patterned border to match the change in size for the blanket? I appreciate any help you can give me.

    • cheryl

      Stitch set is the number of stitches needed to complete the pattern in a row. When a pattern calls for a “multiple” of a number, for instance a multiple of 8, this means it will take 8 stitches to see the pattern before its repeated in the row.

    • stitch set is for a ripple, how ever many stitches to make an individual ripple would be a stitch set…

  35. Juno

    Hi, I need to know how many squares my graph has to have to be a full size blanket with drape, so I can make the design I want, thanks.

  36. Tammy S

    I need to do a Afghan for a King size bed..going to do it in a Granny Square design and I need to figure out how many skeins of yarn I will need to order..there are 6 different colors I will be using..

  37. Debra B

    I’m so confused with the calculator, as I follow the instructions. I enter that the height of 3 rows, which is 1.345. But then the box say to only enter ‘Please enter digits only’. Why is it not working for me? What have I done wrong?

  38. Donna Parsons

    Mike this is so awesome!!! Thank you for all you do, thanks to you I’ve learned so many new stiches..

  39. Beth

    How many chains do I need to do to crochet a afghan for a double size bed

  40. Beth

    Can you please tell me how many big balls of red heart yarn I need to crochet a afghan for a double
    Size bed

  41. cindy robinson

    Hi Mikey
    I am teaching my self to crochet n would like to make a bed spread for my queen size bed. Measurements are 60×80…….I am not good at calculating as of yet. The Bedspread pattern I would like to use is the Chevron/ ripple pattern…….any help is much appreciated! Ty.

  42. cheryl Lunn

    I tried using your calucalator it is not working .how many chains do I start with for a basic baby blanket

  43. Laura

    Please help! I’m doing a temp blanket for a king size bed with drape 6 in on each side… I’m not sure how many rows to do for each day to get correct length of 365 days… I’m doing the SC Indian tears drop stitch…

    • Janine

      Typically for a Temperature Blanket you will crochet one row per day. Keep in mind that many afghan patterns will not be 365 rows long, so you will have to make it wider than your “standard” afghan to keep the proportions right. Mikey’s calculator may help in figuring out how wide to make it.

      I am starting my Temperature blanket tonight, and had also decided on the Apache Tears pattern. 🙂 Happy Hookin!

  44. Valerie Stillman

    Wish there was an option for California King.

  45. Evelyn

    To better estimate how much yarn you need you can work a full section before a repeat if its a repeating pattern. Weigh the 1st repeat them multiply that number buy the total repeats. If your pattern is using different colors you can estimate what percent of the repeat is for each color then multiply the percent by the ounces and then the ounces for each color by the repeats. It may not be exact but it will be close my rule is to buy just one more than what I calculated just to be on the safe side.
    For example your pattern has 7 repeats after working to the end of the first repeat then weigh your work its, weight was 2 oz, 2oz X 7 would be 14 ounces or yarn needed.
    same example with 3 colors and 7 repears. color A is 50% color B is 25% and color C is 25% the repeat of the 3 colors still weighs 2 oz for color A you mutiply 2 oz X 50% =1 oz, 1 oz x 7 = 7 oz , Color A & B both calculated the same mutiply 2 oz x 25% = .5 oz, .5 oz x 7 = 3.5 oz

  46. Charlene Jennings

    I’m trying to find out how much yarn I need…

    • Our Calculator doesn’t figure that out because yarn is different in weight and yards for every brand. It’s impossible to have a generic calculator for that.

  47. Dana

    It won’t let me enter 0.75.

    • What do you need to enter that is 0.75? Help me to understand what you are up to you so I can figure out a solution.

      • Jacquie

        So for figuring out the length needed the instructions say to make a swatch of four rows, measure three rows and enter it as a decimal where 1″ =1, 3/4″ = .75 , 1/2″ = 0.5 etc… When I made my swatch I get 3/4″ which is equal to .75…. the calculator won’t accept any numbers with decimals in it. Therefore won’t give a length for the blanket that I would like to make. Any help would be appreciated!! I believe this is the same issue Dana was encountering and inquiring about on Jan. 3 as well.


      • Sheri Penson

        Your calculator still does not accept decimals for the 3 rows. If I do hdc and sc rows, 3 rows will equal .75. If I change my hook, and do all hdc then its 1″. 1″ gives me 300 rows. However I am doing the temperature afghan and its all hdc in the pattern. I was thinking of trying to do the highs and the lows together but really think I need to scrap that idea! I want to make this for a king size bed. I am close with the hdc at 1″ for 3 rows but adding the extra 66 rows will make it too long. Will the hdc then sc row alternative work for a king size length?

  48. Sara

    making afghan ( one BIG granny square style ) pattern is (3 double crochet, chain 2) repeated except for the corners when it’s 3 double crochet, chain 3

    I have 3 skeins 10.5 oz each, light 3 weight Bernat baby sport.
    I’m using I-9 “Knook” hook.
    how big will the afghan end up?

  49. Tanya A.

    Does this work for graphghan blankets too??

  50. the calculator is good, however it does not calculate how many skeins of yarn you would need. Im no math guru, but I think there must be a way to plug in hook and yarn size to come up with # of skeins.

    • Leslie

      Well I think this is a great tool, but let me tell you how I figure out my size (s) I take a length of old yarn and measure it out to the width and if it is for a double (full) bed I measure down the side too (some folks are wider than others) then lets say my pattern stitch is multiples of 3 plus 4 I then just chain in 3’s until I get to the width of my ‘measuring yarn’ I then add 4. to check the count I count in 3’s and make sure there are 4 chains left.
      As for how much yarn I will need I find a similar size and pattern somewhere in a book or online and see what is recommended and add 1 or 2 more skeins. ( you can usually return extras, but I keep them all to later make a ‘crazy quilt’ using all different patterns for my squares and sew them on the outside using the blanket stitch, all different sizes of yarn and if they are finer than the heaviest I mix 2 strands tog regardless of colour.
      Sometimes I take some old fabric or even a sheet and sew my crochet onto that (sewing machine and tissue paper) i can then use it pretty much anywhere as anything, coverlet, rug, back of car as emergency blanket.
      Or just give it to someone who is plain cold. It is the fun of creating that spurs me on, I do not keep the ones i do not need for gifts. sometimes they are small and sometimes big. Who really cares if there are 4-5 extra or less stitches…. give yourself some slack, I find when the need for perfection crawls in the love of creation and joy of crochet or knitting or sewing becomes a chore and the fun goes out the window…. I do strive for perfection in anything I do but obsession is not part of my vocabulary… 🙂
      Many times over history you see that an error has become a great discovery!
      Oh, I shall also add here that in my 50 odd years of crochet (learned from a book) I have NEVER used a chain 3 at the end of a row, too messy too loopy, I just make a double crochet and then turn my work, neater sides for me anyway…
      Maybe this is not as precise as this wonderful calculation is but I always had to figure things out for myself and math is so not one of my finer skills…. perhaps my methods will help you or not, but just remember it has to be fun, use your imagination let the creator inside, out and don’t worry one stitch here or there will never be noticed. If it is, get new friends!! LOL!

      • Susan Roush

        Hurrah for Leslie! Being willing to think for yourself and not expect someone else to do all the work for you is rare these days. I cringe when I see some of these comments, so yours is very refreshing!

      • Mary

        Well said Leslie! what is the fun of crocheting if everything is figured out for you! I follow a pattern but if I want it bigger or smaller I figure it out if it comes out right good for me if not it’s handmade whatta want LOL. It still works! Don’t be so picky that you go in a tizzy over it.

  51. Brenda

    I thought this calculator was amazing, but when I tried to return a few days later(because I’m OCD and wanted to double check my measurements) the calculator section of the article was missing. Was it removed for some reason? I’m using the same browser I was using last time.

    • Helga

      I can’t find it either. It was here several months ago but now that I need it again I can’t find it anywhere.

  52. My question is how to increase the peppermint throw afghan from 47in×55in to the size to fit a king size bed with hang over. Please can you help.

    • Marcy

      King bed is a square 80×80 with 6 inch drape would be 92×92 such an easy formula. However I need measurement for a twin. Have no idea what
      It measures.

      • Lisa Millett

        a twin is 69″

  53. ᔕEᐯEᖇᗩᒪ ᑭᑭᒪ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎTEᗪ ᑎ ᗩᔕKEᗪ ᗩᗷOᑌT ᕼOᗯ TO TEᒪᒪ ᗯᕼEᑎ TO IᑎᑕᖇEᗩᔕE ᑎ ᗪEᑕᖇEᗩᔕE ᑎ TEᒪᒪ TᕼE ᔕIᘔE Oᖴ ᗩ ᑕOᑕK ᑎ ᑎOᗷOᗪY ᖇEᔕᑭOᑎᗪEᗪ. I ᗩᗰ ᗰᗩKIᑎG ᗰY ᖴIᖇᔕT ᑎ ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᕼᗩᐯE ᒪIKEᗪ TO ᕼᗩᐯE ᔕEEᑎ TᕼE ᗩᑎᔕᗯEᖇ.

  54. Peggy

    Wonderful tool, thank you! When entering the decimal amount for 3 rows (.75), the next box calculates rows per inch @ .25, which is the height of one row. Rows per inch should be 4? Doesn’t matter, the total rows needed to complete the project is accurate.

  55. cgurl

    Ok, question. I read a pattern that was originally for knitters, but someone gives a general outline of how to do the same pattern for crochet. They said to chain enough to length to make 70 inches. Is there a calculation for that? As in how many sc in an inch? or how many sc in 70 inches?

    Or do I just single crochet and keep measuring the length till I get to to 70 inches on a measuring tape? Kind of wondering if I am overthinking this!? Help!

    • joyce

      It depends on your stitch size. Make a sample swatch and measure

  56. Krystalynn

    Thank you for this calculator. But I was wondering how it would help me with a baby star afghan. I found a star pattern video tutorial but it didn’t list how many rows to do or how big it should be.

  57. RB

    This is a great tool, thank you so much! On the section that calculates the length based on your row height, I’m finding an error when you try to enter a number with a decimal. For example, I’m trying to enter 2.25, but a yellow bubble pops up saying “Please enter only digits.” Despite the error, it does appear that it’s calculating correctly – still, it seems like something that should be fixed or clarified. Thanks again!

  58. Elaine

    This is a wonderful aid! Thank you, Mikey for developing it. Unfortunately the Print and PDF creator only provide one page. We get none of the actual calculator. When you have time (Yes, I know you’re incredibly busy) would you please look into this problem? Thanks so much!

    • Helga

      That’s exactly what I’m getting.

  59. Cara

    Hi! I’ve just decided to crochet myself a blanket, because mine just aren’t warm enough. I’m looking for the EASIEST, most fool-proof patterns. I’m not looking to create the Mona Lisa on my first go. Lol But I’m reading the directions, and it’s a whole other language to me. How do I decipher it?

    • Jenny

      You cando a search on the Internet for ‘crochet stitches for dummies’. It seems to be pretty comprehensive and has pictures to help you.

    • Kadi

      Have you tried the Tunisian stitch? It is an incredibly easy stitch! There is almost no counting involved, which is my biggest problem with crochet. The fabric that it creates is very dense and warm. It is almost like knit. I am a super impatient crotcher, and this works up so fast. I have a wooden Tunisian hook, that I made myself, but I have seen them available online. I take anywhere from 2 to 4 skeins, depending on the size and can have a blanket completed in a weekend. No pattern needed, either. You just chain your desired width and make rows until you’ve reached your desired length. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • Kadi

        Also, I wanted to add that I hold all the skeins together at one. I visited this site, cause I wanted see how many more rows I needed to go and it shows that I needed to chain 72 and make 36 rows for a baby blanket. My hook is a size Q. Super super fast blanket.

  60. Funny how you develop an awesome tool to help people figure things out on their own, only to get flooded with more questions! You should have a help desk- I wonder how many questions you’d get in a day. Thanks for the great tool !

    • We have a help desk but are so overwhelmed by it. There are so many questions of people asking us to do searching and other items where people can invest a little time of Google and find the resources. We find by the time we get back to someone, they already found their answer. It’s easy to email for help than it is to do some time investment of their own. Only so much we can do.

      • Beth Smith

        How true; was reading comments on the Facebook post with the hat challenge, Rachel’s pink one and there were at least 12 people asking for the pattern! Sigh, I can imagine how that can eat up your time. Thank you for the grat web site and amazing patterns. i’ve just found you and am in love! All my best.

  61. Adam

    I think the math in the calculator is off… I told it that my pattern repeat is in units of 24 stitches +2 to turn, and it somehow spit out an odd number of starting chains. An even number plus an even number is even. An even number times any number is still even.

    • Sue

      This was absolutely NO HELP to me at all! Why can’t you just give the exact number of chains for each size blanket? I’m not a rocket scientist.

      • Cathy Rogers

        . Mikey is here to give you the tools to become a great crocheter what you do with them is up to you. He is not here to do everything for you.

  62. Sabrena mansfield

    Bennie Dec12,2014 how many inches should a afghan be a regular size how many stitch width and height


      where is the bloody calculator?????

      • Lillian Neal, you answer the bloody questions and fill in the bloody blanks!!!!! Sheesh!


        Still can’t find the calculator. I put my size in for King w/ drape and nothing appears….

      • I to found it hard to figure out because there are no boxes to show you what to fill in , but under the first paragraph there is a hidden box click the area that’s how I found it , and it works great

      • Kathie B

        There is a space under “Crochet a 6″ Chain. Now only measure the middle portion of the chain with a distance of 4″ and tell me how many chains are in that 4″ section.” for you to type your answer into then you select the width ans it will tell you how many chains. There is also a space under “If you are working on sets of stitches to acheive your width. Here is your chain count with the added extra chains.” for you type in your answer and another space under “Measuring the height of 3 rows only. What is that height in decimal format. Example 3/4″ = 0.75, 1″ = 1, 1 1/4″ = 1.25” and then you select your desired length and it tells you how many rows per inch and how many rows you need to complete your afghan. It is not set up like a traditional looking calculator and the spaces are very light so they blend into the page but they are there.

      • Kalah Byman

        Oh I’m laughing at the absurdity out there. I feel for you guys!!!

  63. I am making an afghan for my 12 year old son and this chart was shared to me at just the perfect time. Thank you Mikey

  64. Love that you took such time and thought in providing this calculator! Would you be able to do a tutorial on how to figure out the multiples of a stitch pattern if the pattern does not specify this information? With that info it would be easy to alter about any pattern to come up with a proper size for any pattern. Thanks so much Mikey!


    WHY DOES MY AFGHAN ALWAYS GET SMALLER? LIKE I count 50 and it stays on till I get to the 10th row. then it gets smaller. Drives me nuts…..

    • Terri

      it sounds like you aren’t making a turning chain at the end of each row. 🙂


        I chain 2 at the end of every row.

      • U might not have the proper number of stitches per set..for example I am making a wave afghan that starts with and ends with 2 triple decreases so to make up for this I simply ignore one of them or my afghan will reduce in size every single row I continue.

    • doreen

      Either your tension is getting tighter as you crochet or you are missing stitches as you go along. Make sure to keep counting and don’t forget to make a stitch in the last stitch in each row. HTH,

    • susan keller

      Sounds like you may be loosing stitches. One trick I use is to put a marker at the first stitch of each row… ( A long piece of contrasting yarn works great – and just move it up under the loops of the first stitch each row).
      This way I am sure I am going all the way to the end of the row

  66. Thanks so much for this calculator Mikey. I did a Granny Square afghan for my Uncle and had to keep running back and forth to our bed to make sure it would fit right. This will be so much easier to do than the way I did it lol

  67. Hello Mikey, I totally love this yarn calculator as I’m a dummy when it comes to math and I totally love your videos I have learned alot from them, you are a great teacher. My question is this: I want to crochet a chevron king size blanket, I have figured out I’d need 211 ch. across 76″ width and 160 rows 80″ length. I don’t know how to find out how many skeins of yarn I’d need I’m using red heart 4 med. and I’m planning on using size ‘N’ 9.0 hook. Please help me figure this out and thank you in advance.

  68. Terry

    is there a way to alter the calculator for c2c (it is late, maybe it says it and I am not understanding) I thank you so much in advance!!

    • Jill Reamer

      Terry, I’ve done a couple C2C afghans, and I believe Mikey states it in the video… But once you reach a width you want…. You just don’t add onto that side anymore….and continue all the rest until you reach th length you wanted. If that makes any sense…

    • Trudy

      I’m making a full-queen size afghan with 8 ” granny squares. I’m trying to figure out how many squares to use. What size were your squares?

  69. monalisa hart

    Well, using “f” , hook doing “corner to corner pattern. Ahh, making it double bed size. So how many across, till I, start decreasing. And plan on edging. [email protected] thanks

  70. Beth castle

    love this!!! for those who are freaked my Math, let me break it down to steps…there’s only 10. As an example let’s say were making a baby blanket 36 inch square, ok , here we go..Step 1- ch 6 inches, now what are the number(#) of chains(ch) in 4 inches(“), in my example there are 20. Step 2- if the is a pattern calls for repeats or has multiples or sets in the project ,what is that number… in my example there are 8. Step 3- Number of chains(ch) at end of row for turning …in my example 2 ch. Step 4- making a baby blanket= 36 inches …so 20 ch (from step 1)= 4 inches and the blanket is 36 in , so 4 inches X ? = 36 the answer is 9. Step 5- total number of chains needed for width 20 ch X 9 = 80 ch. Step 6- add turning ch…80 ch width + 2 ch= 82 ch total for the width. Step 7- Now for the height with the swatch made up 4 rows, measure how tall 3 rows are … in my example 3 rows = 2 inches. Step 8 – the baby blanket is 36 inches. Step 9- find out the number of rows per inch…in my example we take 2 inches (step 7) divided by 3(for 3 rows = .6667 height per row. Step 10 ow take the height you need in the project , in my project , the baby blanket is 36 inches now divide by the decimal you got in Step 9 36/ .6667 = 53.97 or 54 rows height.

  71. Bree

    Do you have or know of any resources that can teach me how to create my own patterns? I am confused on if it matters how much you chain. Do the chains need to be even and then you add 2 or 3 depending on the stitch you are using?

  72. Brenda

    I suck at math. Hate it , can’t stand it , gives me anxiety. I had terrible teachers who only helped the smart kids.
    I just crochet what I like. If I need math , I ask my husband. This doesn’t make sense to me because I can’t see it in motion so to speak. I would like to see an example.

  73. lovemyfamily96

    I dNot suppose you’d consider making this an app? I would love to have it for use offline…

  74. Amanda

    Wow, what a wonderful tool to have for crocheters. ^_^
    Thank you for working it out and putting it online for everyone to use.

    I did have one problem with it however, when I was trying to find how many rows I would need to make, it the box would not allow me to put a decimal point in.

    • DeeDee

      Even though it says only numbers it will still formulate an answer if you put in a decimal 🙂

  75. Where do you find the calculator?? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it (well, I guess not everywhere..since I haven’t found it!!)

    • On the big computer… it won’t bring it up but on my phone (where I can’t print it out) it came up!!!

  76. Thank you so much for this, it will help tremendously!!!! Love you and everything you do. You are my go to guy for anything yarn.

    Thanks, Dottie Moon

  77. Lydia Carawan

    Thank you for this, can’t wait to try it after the holiday’s!

  78. Elizabeth

    This is awesome! How did you do it?
    Never mind; I’m sure there’s algorithms or logarithms or biorithms or some such. I love it!

  79. help what does 83.333333333 mean in rows, how many ball will I need to use.

    • the hook size I-9 5.5 mm, 5oz 244 yards red heart macaw super saver want to make afghan using double crochet stitch for twin bed overlap. So how much yarn would will I need.

    • Geraldine

      when I click on the “print pdf’, I get only page one – the last line is – Remember this calculation if approximate sizing that you will need to achieve your afghan size”—-will try to copy & paste

      • Geraldine

        sorry for the mix up in the other post I get page one which is the picture and 2 paragraphs of words- ‘this calculator will help you figure ……….. – I will try to copy and paste since the PDF does not work

  80. when you figure length should use the stitch want to use for the afghan?

  81. JoJo

    Mikey! Thanks for creating this calculator! It makes crocheting almost foolproof. It’s SO NICE that for ANY size blanket I can determine just how long to make my foundation row (i.e. how many chains I should start with). To create any size blanket, ALL I HAVE TO DO is crochet a swatch, as per your instructions above. I just plug the numbers into the appropriate boxes and ¡Voila! It gives me the number of chains to start with and the number of rows needed to finish it! My 3rd grader has just learned to crochet and she loves your calculator too!! 😉

  82. Sharon

    Sounds like a wonderful tool that would help me tremendously if I could find where to download. So this is what I’ve got oh crochet god: 6″ chain (using a H hook) – 25 stitches ——–2″ mid portion 9 ch. My intent is to come up with a 12 square (not a granny) . I have visualized what I want if I could only telepathically transmit. I just need to estimate the yardage for my creation. If I can get what a 12″ sq needed I can go from there. Math was never my strong suit. HELP? 🙂

  83. Dianne

    I want to do a cross hatch stitch for a baby blanket so how many chains do I need to start.

  84. lishap16

    I want to make a C2C blanket for an 18 month old little girl. I have 2 Skeins of Red Heart Pink Camo that comes in 230 yards or 211 m. How big of an afghan can I make? I’m not very good at math and not sure what # I need to put in each spot for the calculator to tell me! HELP! Please & Thank you in advance!

  85. Betty Radcliffe

    Mikey, either I missed something or I’m ready things incorrectly, but why are double and twin the same size at the end of the article? I’m confused or not reading correctly. HELP! Thanks!

    • Tracy Howard

      Twin and Full/Double beds are both 75 inches long. The size difference between them is their width, with twins being 39 inches and double/full being 54 inches wide.

  86. Cathrin

    Thank you Mikey for explaining that to me,I would never of thought that’s what it means.

    I have another question for you, I want to make a queen sized blanket . The measurement is 96 inches. The blanket is straight single crochet, no ripple or wave. Would I chain 96 chains or add 4 more for the turning chain?

    Thanks again

  87. Cathrin

    Sorry, I should have explain more clearly, yes the number of rows. The last number from the calculations.


  88. Cathrin

    What number is this .3333333333333333333333

  89. I am making a square to make simple slippers it says that according to my yarn abc hook size…• Crochet gauge in sc, size I-9 (5.5mm) hook: 12 sc and 15 rows = 4″ (10cm. I needed 17 sc to make 6 inch slippers. How many rows do I need to complete the square. I have 20 so far. Thank you so much! Do you have a calculator for me to figure out how many sc and rows I need to obtain a 6 inch square! Crochet gauge in sc, size I-9 (5.5mm) hook: 12 sc and 15 rows = 4″ (10cm
    Another words if • Crochet gauge in sc, size I-9 (5.5mm) hook: 12 sc and 15 rows = 4″ (10cm. How many of each make 6″? I know I must sound pretty dumb right now, but I was told to fold it corner to corner in a triangle to see if I have a square. I would rather know the correct answer. Thanks again!

    • Bonnie

      12 sc =4″ so divide 12 by 4 getting 3. So for every inch it takes 3sc. 6 inches would be 18sc.
      The rows are harder since 15 divided by 4 does not come out even. 15 divided by 4 is 3.75 so every 3.75 rows would be an inch. 3.75 times 6 equals 22.5 rows. This is the math, but don’t know how to do the 22.5 rows. 😉

  90. will this work for filet afghans if I add 1 extra chain?I design filet baby afghans and always forget to write down my chain count on my pattern charts!

  91. Juli

    This is great, no more guessing. Thank you.

  92. Lynne

    This is FABULOUS. Thanks so much

  93. Heidi

    This is awesome! Would love to see the math behind all this. Thank you!!!!

  94. Angela Hogan

    Wow! Fabulous! Thank you! You are very smart crocheting man!

  95. Loretta Burnham

    Working on c2c for a baby afghan, how many rows? Before I decrease? First time doing a baby afghan. Would be grateful for your help. Thanks

  96. Cathrin Whittaker

    Is it possible to show an example of how this is calculated. I think this would be very beneficial to everyone.


  97. Bonnie Burkhardt

    Where is the calculator? I don’t get anything to come up when I click on using the calculator, just the same instructions,

  98. Thanks, this is awesome! Extremely helpful, you are taking the hardest part of the work out of my projects for me. I am terrible with numbers so I will be using this a lot! Thank you.

    • Jody Skalski

      This is fantastic! I have such a difficult time with the math and trying to figure all this out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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