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Crochet Afghan Size Calculator
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Mikey Afghan Size Calculator
How to figure out your sizing for your afghan.

Afghan Sizing Customized For You

How to do you figure out afghan sizes? I have created a formula to help you achieve the chain counts needed to get to the sizes you need. The formula will also calculate stitch sets for those who require a pattern, such as a wave afghan to stay in balance for stitches.

Sizes of afghans have been provided in the equation for those interested to know the standard sizes of crochet afghans. I have included everything from receiving blanket sizes to king size. I have included the drape and non-drape of the afghans for those who are looking for that.

For my calculator, you will need to a measuring tape to give me a few dimensions. Due to everyone having their own gauge for stitching, this formula will adjust to your own tension to provide you accurate details.

198 thoughts on “Afghan Size Calculator

  1. I have used this calculator for years now. I pulled up my link and the calculator is no longer there…..Do you still have it published somewhere?

  2. Hello! I think I’ve worked out what I need but I’m not 100% sure. I’m making a C2C queen size no drape blanket as a wedding gift; I’m using Caron One Pound or either Red Heart Super Saver & a 5mm hook. I plugged in the stitch sets as 4. Is that correct? Does this calculator work for C2C? I worked out from it that I need to keep going until it’s 80×60 but like I said I wasn’t 100%. Thanks in advance!

    • For a c2c afghan each set of 4 equals 1 block therefore 1 block (for me) is one stitch at 1 inch per block with a H/8 (5.00mm) hook. so make a swatch with 4 squares by 4 squares. This is not a calculator for c2c though this is for normal stitches and I use JS Calc here for my c2c afghan calculator:

  3. What if I don’t have an answer for the ‘stitch sets’ part? Not working from a pattern, but just ‘free-handing’ using the linen stitch for a king-size with drape?

  4. I’m new to graphgans I’m wanting to make a lap throw something like 50×72. I have tried everything to get my stitchs can you please help me.

      • Mikey,
        I’m needing some help on figuring out the amount of yard I need for a blanket I’m not usein a pattern.

  5. I love this calculator. I use it all the time when making the temperature blanket. It calculates everything I need. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • I have ? think fits full size bed, all rossette off white afghan my mom made, thought about selling it ? Did not see on the calculator anything about rossettes, i do know to make those requires more yarn. Took my mom a very long time to make it/ my 1 cousin helped her to learn the rossettes. I see they afghans sell cheaper usually then the cost.

  6. I am in desperate need of figuring out how many yards it will take to make a queen size bedspsread using an I hook in a pineapple stitch pattern.

    • For others in need if an answer, Swatch in the stitches you intend on using then measure that swatch, if te pattern states a certain stitch for your swatch use that stitch!

  7. I have noticed the last few times I have come to your website to use the calculator that it is just gone. All I see is the text you have posted on using it and the comments people have left. I really liked using your calculator! 🙁

  8. Yes i am looking to make a blanket and i am just now doing the forst chain and i dont know how many stitches i need to make a twin size cover

  9. Mikey, your row calculator is wrong because I get 4 rows of sc in an inch. Your calculator says I get .17 per inch. Might want to have a second look dude.

  10. if making a C2C blanket for about a twin size blanket/afghan how many rows do i do in increasing b4 I start to decrease?-Have searched everywhere but cant figure it out-i believe it could be appro 90 rows? ty in advance

    • C2C is the easiest pattern to use and accurately predict the size of your blanket. You increase both ends until you get your length or width. Let’s say you keep increasing until you get your width of your blanket, then you will not longer increase that end but keep increasing the other end until you have your length. Then you will not be increasing either end and your work will be decreasing by two blocks per row until you just end up with one block.