Calculator: Granny Square Ball Colour Counts

How to Calculate Granny Square Colours for Ball Counts
How to Calculate Granny Square Colours for Ball Counts
How to Calculate Granny Square Colours for Ball Counts

How to Calculate Balls for Each Colour in a Granny Afghan?

Many people love granny squares but would like to switch colours used in a granny square. The complication with this concept is that the further away from the center point of the granny square, the more yarn is needed from the yarn ball.

For Example, The center colour will use far less yarn than the colours used further out.

Crocheters email us asking us for ball counts for specific colours if they switch them around. You can figure this out using two yarn calculators that I have created for you.

This will work for any granny afghans where each square is the exact same colour configuration.

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Postage Scale for Weighing Yarn Balls
Postage Scale for Weighing Yarn Balls

Before You Figure This Out

You will need a weight scale to weigh the yarn balls. This is how professionals do it when writing the patterns. You can pick up a postage/ingredients scale in the cooking section of Walmart pretty cheaply.

The goal is to figure out how much yarn you are taking away from the balls in just one square. You can do any many rounds as you need.

Crochet 1 Square and Weigh as You Go – Ounces

If you are using the same colour in multiple rounds, you only need to weight it once before using the ball.

  • Before you start, weigh the ball.
  • Write down that number using Ounces.
  • Use the yarn in the square, weigh the ball once you are done.
  • Write down that number using Ounces. 

Repeat this step for each colour used in 1 granny square.

Measure Your Finished Square

Once you are finished a square, measure the width and length of the square. Write that down to the nearest inch. 

Let’s Calculate How Many Squares We Want

I will calculate the number of squares you need. Tell me the measurements of the blanket/afghan that you want. Enter in the size of your square into the calculator. This will tell you how many squares you need to complete. 

Now We Know How Many Squares We Need

Let me figure out how many balls of yarn you will need. Run this calculator for each colour. 

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