Yarn Substitution Calculator
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Yarn Substitution Calculator
Yarn Substitution Calculator

How Much Yarn Will You Need?

Many crocheters substitute yarns all the time but are unsure how to calculate it.

For this calculator, you need to know the following to enter into the spots:

  • On the pattern How many balls of yarn does it require? Separate by colour if you have multiple colours and do the calculator for each colour.  
  • The pattern tells you which yarn to use. Tell me how many yards are on that recommended ball. If you don’t know that, find the yarn makers website and look up the yarn. Most makers of yarn have that information published.
  • Now, look at the ball that you want to change the yarn too. Tell me how many yards are on that ball?

Yarn Calculator

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4 thoughts on “Calculator: Yarn Substitutions for Yardages

  1. I need to downsize the blanket I made for a friend to a toddler nap blanket. The original blanket pattern is Sophies Universe which I love. I also added the Sophies Universe All Grown Up additional pattern. Using #3, I used 5 balls of yarn 1245 yds in each ball. I want to use #2 yarn and need to know how much yard to purchase. I will be using the same color to crochet the blanket. Decided on one color as I wanted the pattern of the stitches to show up and not get lost in the colors, even thou I do love the colors.

  2. Hi Mikey. I live in Australia and we do not really buy our wool/acrilic, by the skein or yard. We mostly buy it by the ply…either 2 or 3 or 4 ply(usually very nice baby wool, in pale colours) 6 ply sometimes socks and fine jumpers, but mostly 8 ply for almost anything, including granny squares, and cushion covers etc….I am not expecting you to answer straight away, but it would be nice if there was some way maybe you or someone else could explain the differences…I do not buy online, so as some one else suggested just get it on line…I don’t, but it would be handy if I had the differences between skeins/yards and ply’s

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