Crochet Butterfly Stitch Infinity Cowl Pattern

Crochet Butterfly Scarf
Butterfly Infinity Cowl
Learn to Crochet A Butterfly Infinity Cowl

Butterfly Stitch Infinity Cowl

This is the Butterfly Cowl Infinity Scarf created using the Butterfly Stitch. This is so quick and easy… it’s not even funny!

I used a transitional colour yarn with this to really kick this scarf into an amazing concept. Some yarns really can make you look creative, even when the stitches are so simple.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Butterfly Infinity Cowl

This concept is similar to the Scarf within a Scarf Pattern.


  • 1 Ball of 4 Ply Worsted Medium 4 Weight Yarn. I used 1 Ball of Red Heart Treasure Yarn. 151 yards. The colour used in this sample is called “Mosaic”.
  • Use 6.0 mm or Size J Crochet, Hook
  • Abbreviations are: Ch = Chain, DC = Double Crochet, SL ST = Slip Stitch, HDC = Half Double Crochet, Beg = Beginning, SC = Single Crochet.
  • This cowl works in sets of 10 Stitches per repeat pattern. If wanting a smaller or bigger pattern, increase or decrease your starting chain by increments of 10 chains.
  1. Ch 90. Join with Beg Chain. Try not to twist up the chain.
  2. HDC the first Ch and then DC the remaining chains. DO NOT SL ST at the end.
  3. Crochet butterfly infinity cowl pattern
    Crochet Butterfly Infinity Cowl

    Lay your project flat so the top of the chain is equal all the way around. Then flip the starting row down (I call this a 1/2 flip) so that you will be crocheting on the underside (chain side) of the double crochet. Begin with *1 DC into the next 3 stitches, Ch 7 and repeat *. Due to the half-flip, you follow the row around. You will have rotated around the cowl twice. This happens automatically.

  4. Simply match up the DC’s and put DC’s over top and Ch 7 between to maintain the chain gap spaces.
  5. Do step 4 once again.
  6. DC into the DC’s on the row below. In the CH 7 Gap Space, you will Ch 3, SL ST the 4th by gathering Rows 3, 4 & 5 together, then Ch 3. Repeat all the way around.
  7. Simply repeat row 4, 3 Times. and Repeat Row 6 for the final round. The last stitches of the final round should be SC. Fasten in and weave in ends.
You will end up with 2 Butterflies above and below the centre point of this cowl.

Crochet Diagram

Below is how to construct this infinity cowl. The infinity scarf has a half twist that was created in Row 2. This creates a permanent twist in the cowl. This means that the cowl is growing in height from the center point outward on both top and bottom at the same time. Getting more technical, it takes two revolutions on this infinity cowl for Rows to be fully completed. See the video for further details.

Butterfly Cowl Diagram
Crochet Butterfly Diagram Pattern
Legend for Diagram
Butterfly Infinity Cowl Pattern Diagram

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