Crochet Afghan, Yes I Can Patterns

Crochet Afghan, Yes I Can Patterns

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Crochet Afghan, Yes I Can Patterns

Afghan, Yes I Can

Are you looking for a new afghan pattern like I always am? Here a few suggestions that you might like to whip up whether it’s for a gift or for yourself. I was looking through the piles and piles of patterns and this was a few that caught my eye and intrigued me. Ranging from easy to intermediate there is a little something for everyone.

I can’t decide which one is my favourite, I love them all, I can see me making up one of each and giving them for Christmas gifts… If I don’t end up keeping them all, or the kids take them, they inherited my love of blankets and I’m ok with that if it gives me an excuse to find more patterns to make up. I’m thinking my pattern addiction is as bad as my yarn collecting problem. Mind you I don’t feel its a problem so much as a separate hobby from the actual art of crochet.

Crochet Lumberjack Throw Pattern

Crochet Lumberjack Blanket

Crochet Lumberjack Blanket

This one I may not be able to part with. I was pretty excited when I came across this one. I have the socks, I make the hats like this, so the Crochet Lumberjack Blanket Pattern makes me very happy. I have a couple of friends that this would be an awesome Christmas gift for too as well, they have the same love for this pattern as much as I do, I mean not quite the same I have many different colours of socks, ohhh make a blanket in the same colours to match the socks!

The Lumberjack Throw Pattern was designed by MidKnits using Bernat Softee Chunky. There is a smaller scale diagram of the pattern for those of you who are visual crocheters.


Lumberjack Throw

Crochet Woven-Look Striped Blanket Pattern

Woven-Look Striped Throw

This is a fun blanket, I’m pretty excited to give it a try in the Bernat Blanket yarn, in the Brights I think this Crochet Woven Look Striped Blanket Pattern would be a great blanket for the kids in those fun bright colours. That yarn is so cozy and worked up like this in a blanket it has a little bit of weight to it, not quite as much as the weighted blankets, but enough to give you a bit of that weighted feel if that was something you were looking for.

This Crochet Woven-Look Striped Blanket Pattern was made using Bernat Softee Chunky which is another lovely yarn not quite as heavy of a feel as the Bernat Blanket yarn if you wanted something a little lighter in weight but still equally as lovely.



Woven-Look Striped Blanket

Crochet Butterfly Throw Pattern

Butterfly Throw

I love butterflies so right away the name alone had me with this Crochet Butterfly Throw Pattern. I love the bright colours this is another one that would be great for a kids room, or if you are someone like me who loves bright colours. I have a black couch so a blanket like this Butterfly Throw would really pop along the back of it. It would also be pretty as a mat on the floor in the right yarn.

This Crochet Butterfly Throw Pattern was Designed by Marianne Forrestal made using Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart Super Saver Accent. The Butterfly Throw is such an easy blanket to work up if you’re looking for a gift this would be a great option.



Butterfly Throw

Crochet Sea Glass Throw Pattern

Sea Glass Throw

This is a great blanket if you have a beach theme room. In these colours, this Crochet Sea Glass Throw Pattern gives you that ocean vibe and a calming feeling the perfect accent to your beach vibe room. I love being at the beach and watching the waves crashing in I could sit there all day, then to come home and curl up under this blanket sipping some tea and reading a good book, or working on one of these other blankets, a perfect day for sure.

This Crochet Sea Glass Throw Pattern was Designed by Marianne Forrestal made using Red Heart Soft. That yarn is so soft and lovely in a blanket it’s sure to be one of your favourite cuddle blankets. This would make a lovely wedding gift.



Sea Glass Throw

Crochet Surfer Girl Throw Pattern

Surfer Girl Throw

Another great beachy theme blanket is this Crochet Surfer Girl Throw Pattern it would go lovely with the Beach Glass Throw or alone in a beach theme room. The beautiful colours make this a lovely accent throw or use it as a cuddle blanket. The Crochet Surfer Girl Throw would be a lovely gift to yourself or someone you love.

The Crochet Surfer Girl Throw Pattern was Designed by Marianne Forrestal using Red Heart With Love Stripes, the yarn is so pretty. The Surfer Girl Throw would make a great wedding or Christmas gift if you have been looking for idea’s give this one a try.




Surfer Girl Throw

Crochet Traditional Classic Afghan Pattern

Traditional Classical Throw

I love the granny stitch it is one of my favourites to do making this Crochet Traditional Classic Afghan Pattern a great last pattern for this collection,  it’s super easy to work up, and a good pattern for going as big or as little as you want it’s really easy to adapt. If you were one of those lucky people that had one of these granny-style blankets somewhere at your grandmother’s house growing up, this bit of nostalgia is lovely and a pattern you’re going to want to whip up for your self, I know I do as well as one for my mother.

This little walk down memory lane the Traditional Classic Afghan Pattern was Designed by Marilyn Coleman. Made using 11 different skeins of Red Heart Super Saver. Play with the colours or make it like the one you remember growing up. Make the classic with love.


Traditional Classic Afghan

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Lumberjack Blanket Pattern
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  3. Crochet Colour Scarf Pattern
  4. Crochet Butterfly Stitch Scarf Pattern
  5. Winter Butterfly Crochet Scarf Pattern

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    1. Mikey says:

      I’ll recheck that. I didn’t think we were linking to Pinterest at all. Leave it with me. I did run a quick check of the major links in this article and don’t see that happening. Which links, specifically, is redirecting you to Pinterest?

    2. Marina King says:

      I’ve done some digging, but the pattern I think you are looking for is no longer available, which is why you keep getting redirected.

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