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Frosted Glass Scarf
Frosted Glass Scarf

Frosted Glass Scarf

I accidentally discovered an amazing scarf pattern that caught my interest. It appears to have mini stand-alone boxes in different colours. Initially, I pulled out the pattern to understand how the visual effect is making that happen.

The pattern looks simple enough but then I am kind of lazy, what happens when you decide to to use variegated yarns instead of changing colours as often?

Frosted Glass Scarf
Frosted Glass Scarf Idea

Incredible isn’t it. The variegated gives an appearance of frosted that is moving across the glass. The pattern is being broken up by the darker colour. It reminds me of a window pane.

Yarn Details

Patons Canadiana To do this scarf as written but with my colour suggestions, you will need the following

  • Patons Canadiana
  • 2 Balls Navy
  • 3 Balls Little Boy Variegated

The multiple chain counts for the pattern are as follows:

  • Multiple = 3 + 2 sts.

Pattern Details

Video Tutorial

4 thoughts on “Crochet Color Scarf + Tutorial

    • Hi Penny,
      I think that would be awesome on a baby blanket. The little tyke would have all of the colors to look at!! Happy crocheting!!!

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