Country Granny Afghan Pattern

Country Granny Afghan Pattern

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Country Granny Afghan

Country Granny Afghan

Country Granny

Learn how to crochet this really interesting Country Granny Afghan.

The Country Granny is an afghan that is assembled on a diagonal which gives way to making a triangle motif for the edges. The front face of the granny is really interesting and I think for the creative crocheters out there, you may have fun assembling unique colours to achieve this look.

For the Crochet Cruisers of 2016 for both of the Caribbean Cruise Ships, this is the official square of the Project Linus Afghans.

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The video tutorials include how to make the square and triangle motifs.

Get this free pattern, it’s called the Country Granny Afghan.

Video Tutorials for Square and Triangle (Right & Left)

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Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.

3 thoughts on “Country Granny Afghan Pattern”

  1. dianne says:

    wow you were def a bang on love this afghan,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Judy Phelps says:

    You;re always “bang on” Mikey ! {:0)

  3. Elsie Teal says:

    Great article. I love the tutorials, I started on the granny square that is so different. So excited and can not wait to do the monkeying around. I enjoyed the new challenges, and learning new stitches. I think the Crochet Crowd been putting in lost of time, care, and imagination and are right on it! Thanks for all your team effort.

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