Crochet Baby Jacket
Crochet Baby Jacket
Crochet Baby Jacket

Crochet Easy Baby Jacket

Crochet this pattern for charity and also for the new family members in your life… introducing the newborn to 12-month sizes for a Crochet Easy Baby Jacket.

This is one of the simplest designs for baby jackets. The top (yoke) starts off simply. Then after a few rows, you fold it special to make the top section. This is demonstrated in the tutorial. Then you crochet the rest of the jacket. Once the main section is done, you go and crochet the sleeves. You add a front border to both sides of the opening to make it look finished. Then add 1 button at the top.

For myself, filming this didn’t take long. This pattern with using the stitchwork, you could wip off several jackets for charity fairly quickly. The pattern is sized for newborn, 3 months and 6 – 12 months. The tutorial follows the newborn size but you can easily substitute the information that is shared in the tutorial by cross-referencing the pattern.

If you were to ever try a baby jacket, I would highly recommend this one as a starter.

Baby Jacket Set

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14 thoughts on “Crochet Easy Baby Jacket Pattern

  1. Where is the pattern? I watched the YouTube tutorial. Clicked the link underneath the video to the pattern. I was brought here where there is a link back to the video. It’s a loop. Is there a PDF pattern? The one shown in the video? How can I find it to print? Thanks!

      • Where is it? I only see links for trick or treat bags and baby booties. There’s no blue pattern button.

      • There is a BLUE button that states PATTERN.

        It’s above the subtitle that states TUTORIAL. It’s center screen. That is the button that will redirect you to Yarnspirations where the pattern is. Also, the words of the name of the project in the Easy Baby Crochet Jacket is also the same link.

        Please enjoy.

  2. Nice pattern! This jacket looks super cute. I love to make crochet pattern and want to make this one for my daughter. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • has this pattern been reviewed and updated? there are some stich count errors for example… with the first row, there are only 6 stitches before the first V counting the ch and 7 after the last V. I also noticed comments on the pattern website others have stich count trouble as well.

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