Crochet Loofah
Crochet Loofah
Crochet Loofah

Crochet Bath Loofah

A bubble bath, a soothing shower… oh look, a Crochet Loofah pattern. This is a 4 round project that is really so easy, it could be classified as a beginner level project.

The first round is 25 single crochets. Then the next 3 rounds get 3 double crochet in each stitch. In the end, the final round has 625 stitches. It’s what makes it so full looking.

Use the tutorial below if you need extra help.

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Crochet Loofah Pattern

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Bath Loofah Pattern

  1. Is there another yarn that would be lighter and dry faster? I made these a few years ago and used all cotton, but they really do not dry well. How about Yarnspirations make a cotton and nylon yarn for this type application?

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