6 Crochet Brimming with Potential Patterns

Crochet Brimming With Potential

Crochet Brimming With Potential Patterns

Brimming With Potential

I recently just made a hat with a brim because a friend hinted that she would really love one. I had never tried one before, Let me tell you it is my new obsession! I don’t know why I haven’t been making these patterns a lot sooner! I got curious and wondered how many different patterns for brimmed hats there were and put together this collection.

whether you like brims that are all the way around like a bucket style, or more like a baseball cap style there are all kinds of options, this is a few of the different ones I found that I really like, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Crochet Cloche Hat & Mittens Pattern

Crochet Hat and Mittens Pattern
Cloche Hats and Mitten Set

There is an awesome lady who comes to Stitch Social Margaret and she often comes wearing hats like this Crochet Cloche Hat & Mittens Pattern they always look so adorable on her and I love them. Add a button or a brooch to dress it up or leave it as is. Make the pattern in wool yarn and felt it, there are all kinds of fun options for this style of hat-making it to versatile.

This Crochet Cloche Hat & Mittens Pattern is made using Paten Shetland Chunky, but if that yarn isn’t easily accessible it’s ok to use another yarn you like play with colours have fun with this, I know I plan to! I really want to try a wool yarn and try felting it, you might want to try 2 strands together and using a larger hook if you want to play (like I do) because if you haven’t tried to felt before things tend to shrink in size after the felting process. I haven’t felted anything this size just cup cozies, I’m just going by what I have been told and seen from other people’s projects.

Cloche Hat & Mittens

Crochet Brim Hat Pattern

Brim Hat

I would go with a different Colour than was used in this photo, and I would likely opt not to use the flower, but go with a button instead but otherwise, this pattern is super cute and quite unique to a lot of the patterns with all the textures in there, which I love textures it gives it a little flare. Make up this Crochet Brim Hat Pattern for yourself or someone in your life that likes hats with brims for a great winter hat, I made a plain one for my self and I love it, I will be adding this one to my hat list.

This Crochet Brim Hat Pattern was Designed by Alison Grenier. Designed using Red Heart Classic. Red Heart has all kinds of fun colours so your possibilities of colour combinations are really huge, have fun playing, see how the different combinations really change the look of the hat. This would be a great craft show hat.

Brim Hat

Crochet Tri-Toned Hat Pattern

Tri-Toned Hat

I really don’t know what it is about this hat but I really love it, I don’t know if it was the colours chosen or the texture or the style but I’m obsessed with this hat. It’s not the normal slouchy or beanie hat, it’s not the typical brimmed hat, it’s unique and I really love all things unique. Make this Crochet Tri-Toned Hat Pattern as a gift or for your self it’s a perfect little hat either way.

The Crochet Tri-Toned Hat Pattern was made using Red Heart Super Saver, who doesn’t love that yarn and all the colours they have. Make this hat in your favourite colours and it will become your go-to shovel the driveway hat it looks like a nice warm hat.



Tri-Toned Hat

Crochet Brimming With Love Hat Pattern

Brimming With Love

I’m one of those crazy moms who like to have matching hats with her kids, and I’m ok with this and the kids think it’s great. They often ask if I can make them a hat like whatever one I’m wearing that day to match for them if I hadn’t already made one. This Crochet Brimming With Love Hats Pattern can easily be made in any colour so you can make this hat for the whole family.

This Crochet Brimming With Love Hat Pattern was Designed by Valerie Whitten. The pattern was made using Red Heart With Love. This Brimming With Love Hat Pattern is a great one to make for your self, or if you like to do family gifts for Christmas, this would be a great little pattern for that.


Brimming With Love Hats

Crochet Mix-It Brimmed Hat Pattern

Mix-It Brimmed Hat

This Crochet Mix-It Brimmed Hat Pattern is a super fun looking hat especially if you are someone who prefers the slouchy style hat. I have a few friends that I know right off that would be super stoked if I made this hat for them. Which let’s face it will likely happen I have the yarn and the ability, how many hats do I personally need, just kidding I’d totally make one for myself too. It looks so warm and the bright colours used in the hat makes me happy so of course, I need one for myself too!

This Crochet Mix-It Brimmed Hat Pattern was Designed by Diane McKee made using Red Heart Mixology Solids as well as Red Heart Mixology Swirls with this bulky weight this easy hat pattern will work up quickly, so it won’t take you long to make one for everyone in your life!

Mix-It Brimmed Hat

Crochet Streetwise Brim Hat Pattern

Streetwise Brim Hat

This is a great basic brim hat that can be made for anyone. What I like about this Crochet Streetwise Brim Hat Pattern is that the brim is done a little differently than the other patterns which mean you could make it a little longer if you like, it has a top and bottom side and stiff interfacing or plastic in between to make it a little stiffer. This is a great method and one I may use on most brim hats I make, to make the brim a little more durable, easier than doubling up the yarn with a smaller hook.

This Crochet Streetwise Brim Hat Pattern was Designed by Sharon Mann, made using Red Heart Soft. This is a great hat to have on hand to whip up if you are in need of a gift for a teacher, or Christmas party gift.


Streetwise Brim Hat

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