Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket Pattern

Crochet Pandora's Box Blanket
Crochet Pandoras Box Blanket
Crochet Pandoras Box Blanket

Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket

The Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket by Mikey is an easy to follow pattern that is using the very best of Caron Big Cakes Yarn. Using 4 balls will create square blanket to be about 50″ square.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket

For this project, I used the interior of the Caron Big Cakes Ball for the double crochet rounds. For the single crochet, ch 3 rounds, I used the exterior of the same ball. This creates the colours to be cross mixed over top of each other. Eventually both ends will meet up. Once out, grab another ball and do the same thing to until you get to your desired size.

The colour used is the Toffee Brickle colouring. It gives a Moroccan look to the blanket.

Download the Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket Pattern here.

Here is a close up of the front and I have flipped over one corner. The extended single crochet is a double sided stitch that appears on both sides.

Crochet Pandora's Box Blanket
Crochet Pandora’s Box Blanket, Front and Back of Blanket


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  1. Liz

    I made the blanket and I absolutely love it. My tension probably wasn’t so great, so I need to block it to bring it back to square. Any suggestions on blocking a piece this large?

    Thanks so much for this and all your patterns. Working your patterns gave me a wonderful holiday season.

    • Here is what I do with my large projects. I run the project run a cold water rinse cycle/spin in my washer. I then lay my project out flat on my tile floor to dry overnight. I take my time smoothing, adjusting, stretching and shaping the stitches as needed to make my project square. Michael likes to use a streamer on his projects.


    great tutorial… and loving this pattern… your reference to lady and the tramp.. does that mean that the ‘exterior’ yarn is from the same cake as the ‘interior’ yarn??

    thank you

  3. Nancy I Sanchez

    no blue button

  4. Julie G

    No blue button ?

  5. Peg Murphy

    Can anyone suggest a border ?

    • The reverse crab, A scallop stitch or simple round of sc then a round of hdc.

  6. Cindy Taylor

    Hiya Mikey,
    I love this pattern.
    I downloaded the pattern and then noticed that there is an error on the first row….well i wasn’t sure, then i watched the video and i was right.

    Round 1 – Ch 3 (counts as first dc here
    and thoughtout), 2 dc in ring, ch 2, [3
    dc in ring, ch 1] 3 times; join with sl st
    in top of beg ch. Fasten off, weave in

    If i am mistaking, i apologise.

    • Mikey

      If your suggestion what it should be or is that what you think is wrong? I don’t follow 100%.

      • I would like to try this pattern, unfortunately I can’t get the Caron Big Cakes yarn. Would Caron Chunky Cakes work? It is #6 instead of #4.
        Thank you

      • Mikey

        Yes, just adjust the hook to an 8 mm / L hook.

  7. Susan

    This is a gorgeous pattern. In the instructions, you don’t have to necessarily cut the wool for every round. I leave the wool from the previous round trailing until the following round when I need it.


      i wondered if i could do exactly that. i hate all the cutting and weaving.

  8. Amy Hogg

    I absolutely love this blanket please make a tutorial video

  9. Charlie (Charlene) Ferrell

    Yes please do a tutorial on Pandaora’s box afghan

    • Dianna

      Yes Please! I use both written pattern and video! If I have problems reading the pattern I always have the video! Your videos are so easy to follow!

    • Rita

      Please do a tutorial on a pandor’s box Afghan

    • Ruth A. Jones

      please send a tutorial. this is beautiful.

  10. Diane Chicklo

    You have spoiled us. Please make a tutorial for Pandora’s Box Blanket, it looks so amazing.

  11. Emily

    Patterns can get frustrating. Visuals from a video are always helpful, much appreciated and make learning a new pattern more enjoyable!

  12. Susan Amiot

    Yes, please.

  13. April

    Would love a tutorial

  14. Susan R

    This blanket is gorgeous and may be the project that finally gets me to try the “cake” style yarn. I was confused about one thing in the instructions. It says to start the initial ring + dc row with exterior, then finish off and switch to exterior. From looking at the photo, (and from being lazy and not wanting to fasten off before I absolutely have to), don’t you do the initial ring with INterior, then fasten off and do sc row with exterior, alternating for each row?

    Thanks for sharing this pattern! I wonder if I could finish one in time for Christmas????

  15. Bonita Kelly

    Please made video tutorial of this

  16. Anie

    Ooo yes please! So beautiful!

  17. Estrella Gutiérrez

    Please make the tutorial, it’s beautiful. Love your work.

  18. Janet Reynolds

    Yes please would love it


    Would love too see a tutorial.

  20. Jonnie Lana Snook Barnes

    Yes gr8 site ty

  21. Linda

    I just love all your tutorials Mikey!!! You really explain the patterns and like some other tutorials yours don’t make you feel rushed and left wondering if you did that stitch or section right..I love all the new things you come up with and for a massive crocheter like myself its very exciting…thank you bunches and keep bringing them on.
    Linda Lund

  22. Joyce hull

    Please don’t leave me hanging. Been crocheting since 7 and have never seen this stitch. Love it!!! Please make tutorial! Ty, Mikey!!

  23. Bunny

    Beautiful, would love a tutorial and a video.

  24. I’m a very visual learner and would really appreciate a tutorial for this gorgeous Afghan! Thanks Mikey!

  25. Debra Ford

    It is a beautiful afghan. I surely will start on this one asap. May I also have a video link?
    This my first time visiting your site, and I think I’m going to like it!

  26. Aroha

    A tutorial for this would be amazing please Mikey!

  27. Dawn

    Beautiful, please make a tutorial.

  28. Janice Spitzer

    Please make a tutorial for the Pandora’s BOX Blanket.

  29. Eleanor

    yes plz a tutorial would help ty love the pattern

  30. Judy

    Yes please!!!

  31. Julia Novak

    A video tutorial would be greatly appreciated , if you have time to make one Mikey. Beautiful pattern ! Thank you.

  32. Lynda Geisick

    Yes please!

  33. Mary Kulir

    Yes please and thank you!!!!

  34. DeeAnna

    Wow! I love the texture and rhythm of your pattern. This is absolutely a winner, Mikey. I too would appreciate a video of how to get started on this — I’m still not overly confident of my ability to understand written patterns.

  35. Courtney

    Please make a tutorial! Your teaching style is awesome!

  36. Kayla thieme

    Love it! It’s beautiful and funny! Would love and can’t wait for a tutorial!! Great work!!!

    • Kayla thieme

      Ugh i meant fun***

  37. Sandy

    Definitely would like a video! It is Beautiful!

  38. Arianna J.

    Yes, please!

  39. Marta McLean

    I would love a tutorial if you have time to make one!!! What a great looking blanket!

  40. Victor Marchand

    Yes I would love a tutorial

  41. Sally Wilson

    Yes please please ?

  42. Christine

    I think it’s unanimous – I would love a tutorial to get started.

  43. Barbara

    Oh yes, yes, yes!!!! (When Harry met Sally)

  44. Ruth

    This is a fantastic pattern and a tutorial would be nice, but even without one this is a great project and not too difficult. It’s great to see different ways to use Caron Cakes, this is actually the second time this week I’ve seen new ways to use two cakes together, I love it. Thank you for sharing this technique and project.

  45. Lori

    Fabulousness! please make a tutorial

  46. Linda Wren

    yes please if only the first 6 rounds to get us started.

  47. Sonia

    Yes please I don’t want a tutorial I need it

  48. Emily Boone

    Yes would love a tutorial!

  49. Patricia Ponte

    Please Mikey, make the toturial, I rely in your tutorials to be able to crochet anything. They are a
    bsplutly wonderful. thanks

  50. Deborah A Mejia

    Could really use a tutorial. Please and Thank you.

  51. Jenn

    Yes please your tutorials are the best. Your the reason I know how to crochet.
    Thank you

  52. Betsy L

    I would definitely like a tutorial as it’s a very different sounding ‘stitch’. Thanks! Beautiful blanket!

  53. Mary Harman

    Would Love a tutorial..

  54. Lynn

    Would love a tutorial. You’re a very good teacher!!!

  55. Tammy

    yes please

  56. Lee Mojas

    Yes please. You’re tutorials are the only way I can make beautiful things!

  57. Judith

    Yes, please. Tutorial. Can follow those so much easier. Thank you!

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    Yes please! I know you explained how you accomplished the look but your videos are always the best!

  62. Ashleu

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  63. kandie sryniawski

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  65. Annie

    Yes pls a video for Pandora’s box

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  67. cheryl stoner

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    • Jodie L Murray

      yes i would like a tutorials

  68. Emma

    Would love to see the tutorial on this. I only started crocheting recently and have found your tutorials to be informative and fun but most importantly easy to follow for a newbie. Thank you

  69. KELSI T.

    Please make a tutorial!

  70. Tanya Lacroix

    Yes please make a video tutorial!

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