Crochet Pattern Testing
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Crochet Pattern Testing
Crochet Pattern Testing

Crochet Pattern Testing Exercise

The Crochet Crowd testing team goes through a lot when testing one of our patterns and does a significant amount of revisions. It could be a number of factors that are wrong with a pattern.

The goal is to find as many pattern issues as possible and let the team work together to have the best possible outcome. Like any humans though, we all can overlook the same errors.

When locating errors, it usually triggers us to look further as the same errors can be repeated.

Error Sheet – Find 15 Errors

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
View the Pattern that has Errors. There are 15 errors, can you see all 15?


Answer Sheet

Finding errors can make you a stronger pattern reader. It also clues you in to the fix and being able to fudge anything where you don’t have access to the designer.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Answer Sheet – Errors are highlighted and notes added.

Leave us a comment on the blog on how many errors you saw. Be secretive though, don’t share in the comments where the errors are. Let others have a chance to find them too.

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10 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern Testing Exercise

  1. I found 10 or 11, one of which wasn’t called out in the corrections. I missed a few of the “technically” issues.

  2. Is this the “blog”? Where are my grandchildren when I need them? Oh yeah, they live with their parents🤦🏻‍♀️😂❤️❤️
    I missed 4, all read as I was “supposed” to read, not as written, but that’s my reading “disability”. But there is one more!
    BUT I have to tell you my first thought was I don’t need a ball of yarn to do these 5 rows😂😂
    I love this site. I have shared with many! And they have joined! I have to tell myself I do not have to make everything, at least not all this week!😂 thank you!

    • my list grows daily!! crochet is one hobby, collecting yarn is another hobby, and collecting patterns is a third. For some people *cough*me*cought* collecting hooks is another.

  3. I got 9/15, but I think there are three additional errors. Contact me by e-mail and I will tell you what I think they are. Thanks.

  4. Lol, I found all the crochet important misstakes, like hooksize and stitch numbers. Aparantly I just sort of gloss over punctuation and spelling misstakes. Now, I could say this is because English is not my first language, but I am afraid I do te same in Dutch. Unless I am specifically looking for spelling mistakes that is.
    Anyway, I liked the excersize.

    • everyone tends to gloss over certain things, there aren’t many patterns I’ve read the whole thing, I see what stitches and how many I should be doing, there is a few times I’ve had to go back because I’ve missed something simple haha

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