Crochet Sandbar Textured Pillow
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Crochet Sandbar Textured Pillow
Crochet Sandbar Textured Pillow

Crochet Sandbar Textured Pillow

The Crochet Sandbar Pillow is a 4 row repeat pattern. It takes about 3 or 4 rows to be completed before you really start to see the texture make any sense.

You may be thinking that the Slip Stitching could be a pain but it really performs so well in this stitch combination. This is a 12″ pillow form and making the face doesn’t take very long using Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn.

Once you get the face done, you will do 2 rounds to border it up. You will make two the same and then put them together with a single crochet join.

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