Crochet Snow Wreath Pattern

Snow Crochet Wreath

Snow Crochet Wreath

It’s not hard to deny that Repeat Crafter Me is one of the best inspirational blogs on the internet. Time and time again, people are using free patterns, advice and much more.

Repeat Crafter Me is run by Sarah, a beautiful woman and a crocheter that is heavy in inspiration.

If you have never heard of this blog, you have been seriously missing out. The projects are super adorable and ooze with oooohs and ahhhhhs! Trying to pick just one project for a young child’s hat is hard. Why fight it, hook it all!

I came across this Snow Crochet Wreath by Repeat Crafter Me on her blog. Absolutely love the simplicity of this wreath. It kinda reminds me of a snow globe. I just love how it’s not overdone to the point where average crocheters couldn’t whip it up. Our Diva Dan has a talent of putting wreaths together and how he does it is beyond me. This Snow Crochet Wreath would be to a skill level I could actually achieve.

If you don’t know about Repeat Crafter Me, you really don’t know what you are missing. It’s a fabulous and well put together a website that leaves in feeling motivated! Congrats to Sarah for creating a wonderful website with resources.

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Crochet Snow Wreath Pattern

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  1. Marianne Orr

    I love Repeat Crafter Me also!!!! She has the best patterns and they are easy to follow.

  2. Lesley

    Love her owl hat pattern

  3. Joy Nissen

    I love Repeat Crafter Me and have several of her patterns!! She is terrific!! You are so right!! I love this winter wreath too!!

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