Crochet Spiked Stitch Pillow Pattern

Crochet Spiked Stitch Pillow
Crochet Spiked Stitch Pillow
Crochet Spike Stitch Pillow

Crochet Spiked Stitched Pillow

The Crochet Spiked Stitch Pillow was designed by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me for Yarnspirations. Featuring the Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn line.

The biggest beef I have with crochet pillows is actually finding the pillow forms to go inside the project. At my local stores, it can be a hit or miss on finding the right sizes. Also, some pillows are just too big or too small for my living quarters. So it’s nice to have a choice.

The wonderful element to Sarah’s design is the idea of flexibility. You can change the size with ease without interrupting the pattern flow of the spikes. As an extra special option for you, I have figured out how many stitch counts you need to do to change the starting chain to compensate for different sizes.

The pattern has starting chain 46 for the 16″ pillow form. Knowing the pattern is a multiple of 4 + 2. I use a measuring tape and confirmed with my math on what the different sizes should be. When doing this option, keep in mind that the pillow is square. So when she instructs you to get to approximately 16″ in height. That’s the squareness to the starting chain. So if you chain the width, go to the height of the size you are making only.

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Crochet Spike Stitch Pillow Pattern

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Altering this Pattern

  • 12″ Square Pillows: Chain 34
  • 14″ Square Pillows: Chain 42
  • 16″ Square Pillows: Chain 46 original
  • 18″ Square Pillows: Chain 50
  • 20″ Square Pillows: Chain 58

The back is made up of 2 Panels that cross over each other and have a button to secure. This allows you to remove the cover if you wish. For the original, it’s 10″ per panel. This is giving an overlap of 2″ per cover.

  • 12″ Pillow Form. Back Panel must be 8″ each.
  • 14″ Pillow Form. Back Panel must be 9″ each.
  • 16″ Pillow Form. Back Panel must be 10″ each. Original
  • 18″ Pillow Form. Back Panel must be 11″ each.
  • 20″ Pillow Form. Back Panel must be 12″ each.


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