Crochet Textured Hooded Pocket Wrap

Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap

My working partnership with Yarnspirations challenged me to come up with a pocket wrap. My team members, Anita and Wendy, were in the finishing stages of a pocket wrap that is coming out shortly. Each of us has a different approach.

The Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap is my version of this challenge. I had design goals and literally designed and made this in less than 24 hours!

  • Add a hood to the concept to keep the Nova Scotian Wind from chilling the back of my neck and head.
  • Design it so the hood works so it can be rested down and still sit comfortably on the body.
  • Add my signature love for texture. The arrow stitching and moss stitch are used.
  • Design pockets big enough but also are not square so things inside don’t easily fall out. There are 8 sides to the pocket. 7 of the sides are sewn to the wrap so the pockets are wider inside than the opening.
  • Use chunky weight yarn because I am short of time and wanted to have the additional warmth with level 5 yarn.

The project is blocked at the end for best shaping and presentation.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap. When hood is down, drafts are blocked from the back of the neck.
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap. The hood has an intentional fold for orientation. You can sink your head deep into the hood and be like Kenny from Southpark or let it rest naturally on your head. This structure allows the back final edging to bridge across your back.
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap. Pockets the way you like them. Deep! 7 of the sides are sewn to the wrap to prevent things from falling out.
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap. Rests comfortably on the back of your shoulders. Hood configuration sits down.
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap. Really comfy yourself up. Indoors or outdoors with the hoodie.


  • You could add buttons to the front of the wrap for closure.
  • The pattern is adjustable using stitch multiple of 4 + 3 when you begin. The math is shared with you in the pattern. I don’t have sizes for adults or kids without the hood but the stitch multiples make it possible for your to wing it. The math for the moss stitch is 11 sts, 2 sts in next for the increase. To reduce back, 11 sts, sc2tog over next two. You want to ensure you hit back to the multiple 4 with one additional stitch for each edge.


Not at this time.

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  1. Melody

    Good morning! I am struggling with Row 9. Is it, ch 1 and sc in the same space, followed by: chain 1, sc, sc, chain 1, sc, sc, without skipping stitches, to the end? I really want to get it right, since I’ll be repeating that row several times.

    Thank you for all you do!!

  2. Beth

    I don’t generally drop everything and order yarn based on first look at a pattern but this time? I did it. I’ve been looking for a unique pocket shawl and you have provided one, just like a fairy godfather ;). Yarn has been shipped and should be here in a few days. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Ann Feist

    Thurs. am. Tried the blue button and it wouldn’t open. Tried the highlighted words and it opened straight to the pattern, no problem.

    Thought you should know. Maybe I did something wrong, but I tried 3x.

    • Mikey

      I think I was in transition to switching it over. SHould be Rev 3 now.

      • Ann Feist

        Yup, worked just fine. Yay!

  4. Lynn Davis

    Mickey, Love, LOve, LOVE this….but I live in southern California….would it work up ok with a #4 yarn & an I hook?

    • Mikey

      It would be smaller with smaller yarn than I used but I don’t know by how much. I have to physically do it and then redo the mathematics and more.

  5. Deb Jackson

    I love the colors! (What are they?)
    I love the texture! (What is it?)
    I love it all! (Did I miss the pattern?)
    Mikey, thank you so, so much for all the wonderful things you present to us. I love looking at your work…..makes my imagination wake up!!!

    • Mikey

      theres a blue button for the pattern.

  6. Karin

    This is a great take on the pocket shawl, I love the texture. Most of the ones I’ve seen are kind of boring and made in drab colors. Not sure I want the hood for me but I would make a scoodie as a gift, I’m glad you give us options. Thanks so much.

    • Mikey

      Options are better as each of us are different and prefer different things. 😀

    • Karen Potts

      I like this, it looks like a poncho.


    Love this, but I would ditch the tie. Makes it look like a bed jacket.

    • Mikey

      Great… I love when people customize.

  8. Judi Corra

    Ooops that should read coast weather, not coat. Didn’t proof read it very well.

  9. Judi Corra

    Thanks Mikey. Love love love the pattern. ( Plus you do look so cute in it). LOL
    Perfect for west (and east) coat weather

    • Martha Elva

      I like it I want the pattern I am from México, thank you for send me el patrón del poncho .

  10. Cookie (Coleen) O’Kane

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I can’t WAIT to get started! Thank you so much for taking the time to design it, Michael! 🥰

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