Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket Pattern

Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket
Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket
Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket

Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket

Introducing the Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket by Yarnspirations. This new blanket has three suggested colour schemes. The colours include bright which is shown here and it is also traditional and neutral. You can use this pattern to substitute your colours to be more reflective of your living spaces as well.

The pattern is using Double Crochets in the horizontal direction with Chain 1 spaces. This means, for me as a crocheter, that there is a lot of opportunities for speed with this pattern. You work the colours in the horizontal direction and then at the end, you will cut strands and weave in the vertical direction. You can choose to add or leave off the fringing based on your own personal preferences.

Take a look at the colour scheme and see what you think. The weaving diagrams may come in handy for you.  It’s not a hard pattern and I love the simplicity and effectiveness of this pattern.

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Crochet Woven Plaid Blanket Pattern

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  1. Stephanie Fricke

    This looks beautiful! I can’t wait to tryaking one.

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