Easy Crochet Cat Couch Pattern

Crochet Easy Cat Couch
Crochet Easy Cat Couch
Crochet Easy Cat Couch

The Crochet Cat Couch gives your feline their own sofa to sprawl out on. Designed by Katherine at Yarnspirations. The foam is something you will need to search for but is really a super cute accessory for someone who adores their cats.

May be very gift-worthy or something you can do with a purpose for your furbaby.

The idea is the same stitch work but in different shapes. Knowledge of reading a pattern is helpful for this as the tutorial just does a run-through of the steps with simple demonstrations.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Cat Couch


It’s the same pattern as before but has different yarn colouring.

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  1. Ann Forge

    This is so Awesome!! Thanks Mikey, I have been looking for this pattern for a few yrs now. I had been wanting to make one for my kitty Gracie Mae for some time but sadly it’s too late for her, she’s been gone about 2 yrs now. I can make a crazy colors one for my moms cat Stella for Christmas, she will love it. ❤ Brightest blessings to all!!

    • Mikey

      I’m really sorry for your loss Ann. Stella would be really appreciative I am sure.

  2. Donna Johnson

    Hello Mikey- I’ve been looking at this even though I don’t have a cat ( Many friends do) This version shows O’Go requirements. In the select size you can scroll to Super Saver and get the amounts you need to do the pattern. It wouldn’t be as costly to make. I’m pondering this. I’m now attemping to do the Joannes Stichalong Dog Coat. BTW, great tutorial. I would have never figured it out.

    • Mikey

      Thank you so much… and yes, you can sub easily as you mentioned. 😀 Most of us have the yarn probably in our collections.

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