Crochet Simple Heart Applique Pattern

Crochet Heart Applique

Crochet Heart Applique
Crochet Heart Applique

Crochet Simple Heart Applique

Crochet a memorable and deceptively simple heart applique. This heart is different in the sense of how it is created. In fact, you are looking at three sections of the heart that are done separately.

The bottom of the heart from the middle of the decrease of the heart to the bottom point is one section. Then in second 2, you will do the bump on the top of the right of the heart next… then finally, the bump on the top left is then completed. I think the designer chose this as it’s easier to decrease and keep it simple versus doing an increase.

I have completed a video tutorial on how to do this cute heart. It may be just what you are looking for.

The free instructions are available at Happy Heart Afghan Pattern by Red Heart.

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Crochet Heart Applique Pattern

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Tutorial Video to Follow Along

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