Crochet Holiday Cables Throw Pattern

Crochet Holiday Cables Throw

Holiday Cables Throw

A fantastic stitch sampler designed by Bonnie Barker. She is known for her texture work in projects. This is the Holiday Cable Throw pattern.

What on earth is the Celtic Stitch and where has that been all my life?

So I have just printed the pattern now to try some stitches. I am particularly interested in the Celtic stitch that appears to be woven. I know… I know… I know… but this afghan is so different. I bored of afghans that have too much of the same thing.

So off I go to review my yarn to see what I need for this. I most likely won’t do mine in red but that’s the great thing about this afghan. You can do whatever colours you want.

So stop gawking and get hook’n! Here’s the free pattern, it’s called the Holiday Cables Throw.

Wish my luck! I’m going to put on Netflix and find something mindless to watch so I can concentrate on my stitches!

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Holiday Cables Throw Pattern

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  1. Beth Ann

    I’ve made several Aran afghans, so this will be my next. I’m now combining different stitches from Bonnie Bay Crochet and Priscilla Hewitt that I like best. Thank you so much for the videos – now I know why my cables were wonky! What yarn did you use for the sample? Gorgeous!

  2. Erin

    I have loved the video series!!! Is there one that explains the border?

  3. Deborah

    HoW can i get the pattern. I can t see it

  4. Mandy

    I down loaded this pattern off of red heart and got as far as the celtic woven stitch. Thanks for the tuturial on how to do it. Just working the edging now. I love love love this pattern.

  5. Christina

    So glad you put up the tutorial, but it would be better if you used gray thread, as that color thread was hard and I had to use another tutorial on some of the stitches. Thank you for posting this pattern. I am nearly done with my throw and it was fun and challenging to make. I’m putting on the finishing border and I don’t see a tutorial for that, so hopefully I am doing it correctly.

    • I agree… I realized that after I finished and I am like darnit! hard to tell while filming and until you see it in the playback. Thanks for your constructive feedback to improve myself. Appreciate your kindness.

    • Pam Evans

      I am just about to the border but I am not liking it… think I will try something else
      I will come up with something that is a bit more solid

  6. I downloaded this last week … but would love to see a video tutorial, Mikey. Any chance of that happening sometime?

  7. Kandi

    Can’t wait to see a tutorial for this beauty!

  8. Lori Ellis

    Red Heart has another pattern w/ a celtic stitch and I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. I just print this pattern and want to give that stitch another try w/ your tutorial. So hurry up, so you can give us all the details. lol…Thanks, Lori

  9. I don’t like this article, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! This is gorgeous and yes, crochet cables??? I’m all in on this one!!!

  10. Jane

    Love this throw! Had to look hard because I thought it might be a shawl at first, the way it’s being displayed. It is stunning! I’m a red freak anyhow, so it really grabbed me. I know it would be beautiful in other cołors, too.

  11. Tess

    I love these patterns!! Beautiful, especially the peppermint candy throw. I am starting to get more and more adventurous in my crocheting thanks to your wonderful inspiration!! Thanks, Tess

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