Cozy Posy Crochet Scarf Pattern

Cozy Posy Crochet Scarf
Cozy Posy Crochet Scarf
Cozy Posy Crochet Scarf

Crochet Scarf

Learn how to crochet this Cozy Posy Scarf pattern with your crochet hook and favourite colour of Caron Simply Soft. This is an easy pattern to follow along with, it has an easy to remember 2-row repeat. You’ll love whipping these up

The yarn is called Caron Simply Soft Ombre. The colours transition on their own without you having to constantly change colours.

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Cozy Posy Crochet Scarf Pattern

The pattern is easy and, of course, I have a free matching video tutorial to be able to follow along.

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Video Tutorial Below

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