It’s About Time: O’Go New Yarn Wrapping Format

Red Heart Super Saver O'Go
Red Heart Super Saver O'Go
Red Heart Super Saver O’Go

What do a crocheter and knitter need to get started right away? You’ve got that right, to find the ends of the yarn.

Introducing O’Go by Yarnspirations. A revolutionary change in how yarn is wrapped and presented on the store shelves. It’s not just pretty, it’s practical.

Now available in a few brands such as Bernat Blanket, Caron Colorama and Red Heart Super Saver.

Crochet O'Go with Mikey
Crochet O’Go with Mikey


Red Heart Super Saver O'Go Close Up
Red Heart Super Saver O’Go Close Up

Yarnspirations did an extensive consumer survey and found that most people who use the interior of the ball struggled:

  1. Finding the interior strand.
  2. The interior strand can pull out what we affectionately call yarn barf aka a clump of yarn which to some people, is rather annoying.
  3. With the collapsing of the ball as you continue to use it, the yarn can tangle onto itself.
  4. People want to travel with yarn without the yarn being such a pain in the bag to use.
  5. For those who like to separate the long variegated colourways, it’s hard to separate the colours if you want to change the order of the colours. People wanted better colour control to separate colours in this format.

What do all of these have in common? Time to get started and set up.

Solution Thinking

Yarnspirations O'Go
Yarnspirations O’Go

Yarnspirations Research and Development Team Members went back to the basics to understand how a yarn ball is wrapped on the tooling equipment. The questions and observation were carefully studied and from this extensive progress, reimagined how a yarn ball looks without compromising the yardage was created.

Tangle-Free and Quick Start

Red Heart Super Saver O'Go Close Up
Red Heart Super Saver O’Go Close Up

The yarn presentation is now much longer in shape and more narrow in diameter.

The Red Heart Super Saver in 5 oz is now 24″ long compared to the 11″ that it would have been. The same amount of yarn is just wrapped in O’Go format.

The Ring

When you open the new format, the O’Go is in a ring format. Yes, there are still two sides of the yarn ball here. There’s a plastic ring that is holding it into a donut shape. To begin, cut the plastic ring and the ball will open up into the long format.

The best way to describe the new format is like a download progressive bar. 

Red Heart O'Go Downloading Bar
Red Heart O’Go Downloading Bar
  1. You begin on the side where the yarn tail is on the outside of the O’Go. No more finding the interior of the ball.
  2. When using, the wrapping of the yarn spans about 1.5″ unwrapping in a small section at the tip of the O’Go only. It will resemble a downloading bar. The O’Go will get shorter as you use it.
  3. Resistance to unwrap the ball as you work should be minimal if the tip of the O’Go is facing you.
Pulling Yarn from an O'Go
Pulling Yarn from an O’Go

More Advantages

Travel O'Go by Yarnspirations
Travel O’Go by Yarnspirations

For those who travel with yarn. If doing the centre pull, the moving of the bag or crushing of the bag can collapse the centre making it more difficult to use. Who here has ever untangled yarn in the car, airports or in waiting rooms? Unwrapping from the exterior of a yarn ball isn’t doable if you are pulling yarn from your bag. With O’Go, this problem is a thing of the past.

  1. Place the O’Go so the tip is facing up. The narrow yarn span allows you to use the yarn and have it unwrap without drama.
  2. It takes less space in a bag so there’s more room for your project.
  3. The O’Go will not separate apart easily unless you intend that action or pulling on the O’Go with force.

Pulling Apart for Colour Play

Separating Colours in O'Go
Separating Colours in O’Go

For those who like to change the order of the colour in long self-striping yarns. It’s still just one strand on the Super Saver that is dyed and changed on the strand.

  1. You can physically see where the colour changes in the ball now. Using your fingertips, force your fingers between the two colours.
  2. The O’Go will pop apart exposing where the yarn has changed its colour.
  3. Snip the colour change and you can create minis and the O’Go main body and the new separated colours still stays wrapped and easy to use.

No more digging through a ball to find the colour change. You can then do your yarn artistry to change the colours in a different order. You can literally separate all of the colours.

And yes, if your O’Go is stuck between something and you are pulling on one side, you will separate the O’Go.

More Details

Red Heart Super Saver O'Go
Red Heart Super Saver O’Go

Each O’Go in the long-striping format isn’t going to be at the same place for every package. Like you see on the package that the first colour is yellow and ends in blue, the next O’Go of the same format may start with burgundy or pink and etc.

The yarn is still produced in the same way as the preparing of the fibre, spinning, twisting and steaming to get its appearance, the change is at the end of the production line with new programming of the machines to produce this format.

A new format of wrapping will still have the colours you have come to love and trust. So this doesn’t mean all new colouring for the yarn brands but you will see new brands come forward that are only in this format in the future.

The goal was simple, buy it and go… meaning to O’Go. This presentation has already gone through testing with consumer panels for feedback. Change isn’t always easy to accept but for a company to make a revolutionary change in what we have always known to be what a yarn ball should look like is incredible. So grab your O’Go at the stores or online purchase and begin working on your project right from the get-go! So lets O’Go! 

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  1. Denyse Lee

    I found the ogo more expensive than the same size supper saver. The ogo was almost 8$ and the skein was almost. Not worth the double the price for the same amount of yarn

    • Mikey

      Where did you see that price? I think Walmart is selling that for less.

  2. Jenny Cohl

    I just picked up my order. I absolutely love this concept! This is so much better than playing around with a skein. Now, I don’t have worry about balling up yarn, because the skein is tangled. I will buy Red Heart O’Go to replace colors that I’ve run out of. I love it!

    I hope they O’Go all the colors! I can’t wait.

    Thank you for giving us a heads up!

  3. Deborah Miller

    Can’t wait to try this yarn format! The color changing is my big sell point! When you buy several skeins of yarn, this is a nightmare! Problem solved!
    Hi Mikey!

  4. Charel kunz

    Thanks for the Ogo yarn reviews, I would have been hesitant to try them otherwise and now I can’t wait!!

  5. Mandy

    Love your FB group. Thank you for the o’godirections. Just picked up on. What should it be called scain,cake circle round?

    • Mikey

      It’s being referred to now as O’Go in this yarn wrap format.

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