It’s Not A Sweater Crochet

Crochet Cliffcrest Cowl Collar
Crochet Cliffcrest Cowl Collar

Introducing the Cliffcrest Collar Cowl pattern. No, it’s not a sweater under that jacket. It’s a cowl that resembles a sweater.

For those who like cowls but have the gap between the opening of the jacket and wear the cowl is. Or maybe even a sweater that wraps around the neck and leaves an opening with the jacket.

This solves some issues and is really gift-worthy.

  1. Simply slip on over your head and left wrest on your shoulders.
  2. The jacket will cover over top hiding the fact that you are wearing just a cowl collar.

If someone says so you nice sweater under that jacket. You say… Oh Thanks, and keep it a secret it’s just a cable cowl with a turtleneck. They won’t know the difference.

I really loved this idea that I filmed it up. It’s one of the longer tutorials we have as I don’t film wearable that often. I was that compelled.

Crochet Cliffcrest Cowl without Jacket
Crochet Cliffcrest Cowl without Jacket

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Free Pattern: Crochet Cliffcrest Collar Cowl

Crochet Neck Diagram Area

This is not on the original pattern but was created for this tutorial. You can save or print this diagram.

Cliffcrest Collar Region Diagram
Cliffcrest Collar Region Diagram It’s assumed you know to ch 1 before starting row 12 on the right-hand side.


Please note I made a mistake when I attached the collar. I assumed the halfway point was across the back. Evenly space the collar around the neckline. The video has been updated with a note on the screen.

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  1. Jeanie

    Thanks for this extra pattern for the Cable collar I have download in the pattern my name is Jeanie gave a thumbs up 👍

  2. Crystal

    Hi, Mikey. Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I’m watching your tutorial for this cowl & you have directed us here to get the diagram of the shoulder section but I can’t find it.

    • Mikey

      Thanks. I got your message on YouTube. it’s added now.

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