Sassy Lace Knitting
Learn to Knit with Sassy lace

In today’s lesson, I will teach you how to use Red Heart Boutique Sassy Lace. It’s a brand new product by Red Heart. It has a really elegant finished look to it. The great thing about this yarn is the edges are finished. This means the lace will not fray.

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Free Pattern: Sassy Lace Scarf

I made one of these in just over an hour. It’s very easy and knits up really quick!

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0 thoughts on “Knit Sassy Lace Scarf Pattern

  1. Thank you Mikey, that was very helpful. This yarn reminds me a lot of the lace trim that was sold in a fabric store I used to work in; trim is stored the same way, wound flat around something.

  2. Thanks for this video!! I had some stuff similar to this and was going to toss it because I couldn’t figure it out using their directions! You are soooo right, Took just over an hour to knit up the scarf!!! So very easy with your help. 😉

  3. This was VERY cool!! i have a bunch of this type lace in my collection…something I acquired from a freecycler, and I am going to go and look and see what we can see! Thanks, Mikey!

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