Crochet Small Pumpkin

Crochet Small Pumpkin
Crochet Pumpkin Pattern
Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Crochet Small Pumpkin

This crochet small pumpkin sits in the bowl in this photograph. We have already filmed a large pumpkin that is in this pattern.

In the video tutorial, Mikey is following Mini Pumpkin 1 for instructions. The difference between Mini Pumpkin 1 and Mini Pumpkin 2 is that Mini Pumpkin 2 has two additional rounds of 5 added. It’s slightly taller by 1/2 inch.

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Free Pattern: Small Crochet Pumpkin

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The stitches you are seeing in the pattern are called the Puff Stitch. They are not hard but take a bit of getting use to.

Follow the Tutorial Below

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