Sportacular Afghans for Him by Karen Barnes

Sportacular Afghans

Truly An Incredible Book for Man Caves

It’s rare I see a crochet pattern book that makes me smile with a stupid grin on my face with awe at the creativity within. Karen Barnes, designer of the Sportacular Afghans published by Leisure Arts is responsible for this sheepish grin of mine today!

Gone are the typical baby hats, safe afghans and voila pops open the world of creativity expressed through afghans! I know first hand of designing, what she has done is a triumphant accomplishment. The theme, detail and attention to detail are second to none!

Many crocheters beg… “More patterns for him!” You know, the guy in your life that isn’t wanting to be prissy with femmy patterns coloured for men. Let’s not forget, not all women love pink and flowers too. I know some gamers that are women too! Ask Jeanne about football! She sure loves her sports!

Inside the book are 5 detailed patterns.

  • Poker Table Afghan
  • Bowling Alley Afghan
  • Pool Table Afghan
  • Slot Machine Afghan
  • Golf Course Afghan

The attention to detail on the Pocker Table Afghan is astonishing. You see the cards stacked, the chips piled ready to place a bet! Oh, it’s so yummy!

The guy on the cover, cute or cute eh! Totally cute! The attention to the slot machine, of course, he is accessorizing it, is fabulous! From the winning coins to the attention to stitches as he hits his triple seven! Yeah, baby yeah! Love it!

Karen bowls a strike in her Bowling Alley Afghan! While I can’t bowl to save my life… this is definitely a winner! Again, I cannot stop grinning with delight as I flip through these pages of fabulous-ness! Okay, that’s not a word but this book is so good, it’s making me make up adjectives to show my love for it!

You also have to check out that incredible Pool Table Afghan or go and try to get a boogie on the Golf Course Afghan!

So man cave or no man cave… For everyone sports-minded. Karen’s book is a winner! It’s definitely a must consideration for Christmas for projects for him! Get those non-crocheters excited in your life who watch you complete one of these!

Sorry, my ladies and ‘some’ gents, the guy on the front isn’t included!

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Get More Information

This post was a complimentary and non-paid post based on my findings with this incredible pattern book! 

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  1. Helen Baker

    I would love to see the pictures of the Afghans before I buy the book.

  2. Karen Barnes

    Thank you so much Mike for your book review on my book!

    I am Karen Barnes the designer of this book and just wanted to let you know a second book is coming out very soon. I will send you a copy once it does.

    Again thank you!


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