Crochet Twilight Shells Throw
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Crochet Twilight Shells Throw
Crochet Twilight Shells Throw

Crochet Twilight Shells

I just recently came back from the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester New Hampshire. I joined my team at Red Heart at this show. On display was this gorgeous Twilight Shells Throw.

I was really taken by this afghan as it’s really simple. It appears to be waves that are ever so slight but it’s shells that are offset from each other to give it the visual effect. I said to a fan, I bet this afghan would look amazing in so many other great colours too!

It’s a brand new pattern by Red Heart. Do you want a free pattern? It’s called the Twilight Shells Throw.

Good Luck and if you do this pattern, don’t be shy to post it on our Facebook. We always love to see your ideas and more.

One thought on “Crochet Twilight Shells Throw

  1. Hello Mikey I love all you videos your patterns your instruction your laugh it just make me so happy… I look all your videos about corner to corner stiche all the different that you have an i can’t find one for the CENTER TO CORNER AFGAN it’s a pattern from the web the instructions are not well explaining i send a recuest for a diagram I haven’t heard from them… can you help me or you have any suggestion Thank you so much Mikey and wishing you all the best.

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