Caron Cakes Cake Off – Win 500 Balls of Yarn

The Great 500 Balls Cake Off

The Great Caron Cake Off Contest

The Great 500 Balls Cake Off
The Great 500 Balls Cake Off

The Great Caron Cake Off Contest is being run by Michaels from August 30th to Saturday, October 10th, 2020. You have a chance to win the mega prize of 500 balls of Caron Cakes or one of the four extra winners to receive 50 balls of Caron Cakes. This is compliments of Michaels.

Michaels has the USA and Canadian Website. Please use the site that matches either Canada or USA.

Get Free Patterns and Enter

Complete a project using Caron Cakes, which could include any Caron Cakes brand which could be the new Anniversary Cakes, Skinny Cakes, Latte Cakes, Baby Cakes and the original Caron Cakes. There are other extensions of Caron Cakes. Just use the cakes.

Take a finished photo of your project. You can enter it into the content when you jump over to Michaels. You can only enter 1 time, so put your best photo forward.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Michaels USA – Cake Off Entry and Free Patterns
Yarnspirations Patterns
Michaels Canada – Cake Off Entry and Free Patterns

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Please note that we are not involved in this giveaway as far as collection of pictures or entries. If you have any questions, please reach out to Michaels through their customer service on their website. Contest entry guidelines are listed at the entry page.

You are welcome to download the Free Recipe Caron Cakes Patterns that are also listed in the above link over at Michaels.

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  1. Kathy Gill

    Has the winners been announced?

    • Mikey

      Michaels hasn’t announced them due to a policy of privacy. However, the winners have revealed themselves on our Stitch Social Facebook Group. You can email Michaels for more specific information if you wish though. You can contact them through their website or call their customer service number on their website.

  2. korina cartwright

    I have lost a leg so I would make blankets or lap gams for the nursing homes I have been to the last 7 months.

  3. All’s I can say is I just love crocheting and the more the Caron cakes the better

  4. Frances

    I have submitted my project two weeks ago. But it’s not posted on the website. Pretty sure I follow the rules…Wondering how long it takes to get approved.

    • Mikey

      Frances, we are really not sure. Michaels is controlling that for the contest. You are best to reach out to their customer service on or They will know best or be able to check.

      • Frances

        Ok, thanks for you reply. šŸ™‚

  5. This would be an amazing gift!!! Iā€™m relatively new to crocheting and I (like many) live on a fixed income. I absolutely love The Crochet Crowd and have learned a lot!

  6. Hope Page

    I wish I could win something.

    • Mikey

      Hopefully, you can be a lucky winner. šŸ™‚ Best of luck.

  7. I always enjoying learning new stitches, patterns, etc. Wish I could meet so.e of these great yarn artists!!!

  8. Ashley Romine

    I would absolutely love this ā¤ I’ve been making afghqns and donating to our local nursing home in Elizabeth WV. This would mean the world to a lot of the residents

    • Well done on donating, that’s awesome, you’ll have to make sure to get an entry in for your chance to win!

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