11 Caron Cakes Crochet Patterns

11 Caron Cakes Crochet Patterns

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11 Crochet Ideas for Caron Cakes

11 Crochet Ideas for Caron Cakes

Caron Cake Craze

So I have seen many, many photos of you yarn collectors who also ran out to buy this fun yarn.  Have you picked out a project yet?  Don’t let this one gather dust!  It is such a dream to work with so grab your hooks and get busy!

Free Patterns ideas to get you started hooking your new yarn.

  1. Virus Shawl – this super popular shawl is perfect for the color changes in this soft yarn.
  2. Virus Blanket – another popular design is always popping up. Paid Pattern.
  3. Pineapple Peacock Shawl – see the example done by one of our Crochet Crowders.
  4. Mile A Minute Baby Afghan – just make your strips longer for a full-sized blanket.
  5. Squared Diamond Granny Throw – any granny design would be fun with this yarn.
  6. Road Trip Scarf – a fast and easy design to make.
  7. Chunky Ribbed Cowl – try a K hook with this yarn, a few more starting chains for this one, and you will get a nice drape on this cowl.
  8. Tranquil Waves Ripple Blanket – let the colors flow through this pretty project.
  9. Southern Diamonds Baby Blanket – beautiful stitches with diagrams to guide you along.
  10. Corner to Corner Puff Stitch Blanket – just a bit different than the usual C2C.
  11. Corner to Corner Baby Blanket – the border on this one caught my eye.
11 Crochet Ideas for Caron Cakes

11 Crochet Ideas for Caron Cakes.


All of our Caron Cake tutorials.

Some great ideas right here on The Crochet Crowd pages.

  1. Mermaid Cowl – A lovely crocodile stitch pattern.
  2. Chain Reaction Scarf –  Easy to make and fun to wear accessory.
  3. Woven Scarf – Using Fpdc and Bpdc create a diagonal striping effect.
  4. Spiked Stitch Pillow
  5. Tunisian Shadow Stitch Cowl
  6. Spectrum Afghan – this round design will use the color changes nicely.

Stitches that may lend well with the color changes, as Mikey says, “you’re the artist, you decide.”

  1. Basket Weave
  2. Pop Corn Stitch
  3. Extended Moss Stitch
  4. Jumbo Catherine Wheel
  5. Catherine’s Wheel
  6. Rib Stitch
  7. Arrow Stitch
  8. Crinkle Stitch

And don’t miss my Glacier Cowl made with only one Caron Cake.

Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber

Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber

Post and share your projects ideas on our Facebook Wall! 


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