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Crochet Shifting Chevrons Bag

Crochet Shifting Chevrons Bag Pattern

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The Crochet Shifting Chevrons Bag is a really amazing unique textured bag. The texture thickened up the bag to be heavier and really amazing to touch. The texture reminds me

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Crochet Summer Bag 2 Challenge 2021

Summer 2021 Crochet Bag Challenge

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New for summer 2021 is the summer bag challenge. Get the pattern when it becomes available and then decorate the bag (just 1 side minimum) to a theme. 10 random

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Motif Madness

88 Motif Styles for Crochet and Knitters

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The Crochet and Knit Motif Madness includes 88 patterns. You may be thinking it’s all blankets but it varies. Lots of ideas to choose but look beyond the project and

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Crochet Market Tote Bag WIth Odd Balls

Crochet Odd Balls Cotton Market Tote Bag

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Do you have balls lying around? Do you have colours that just don’t go? Try the Odd Ball Market Tote Bag. I find I get one ball of this colour,

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Crochet Mochila Phone Bags

New Crochet Mochila Phone Bags

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Marion Verloop has done it again with another incredible pattern edition for mobile phones. This is the Crochet Mobile Mochila Bag. This is known as Wayuu Crochet, a concept developed

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Crochet Convertible Bag & Blanket

Crochet Convertible Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Convertible Blanket For the parent or grandparent on the go with a child. How about a two in one blanket project. Use as a play space when laid out.

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New Caron Cakes for Spring 2021

You. Me. Yarn Aisle. STAT! – For the Love of Caron Cakes

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I enjoy long slow walks down the yarn aisle. I love to touch Caron Cakes, dream and bring home these fantasy fibres and play all night long. Caron Cakes and

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Modern Granny Boho Bag by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Modern Granny Boho Bag

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Crochet Modern Granny Boho Bag The Crochet Modern Granny Boho Bag is fun market tote that you can crochet in just a few hours.  The Caron Cotton Cakes makes the

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Mochila Messenger Bag

Crochet Mochila Messenger Bag

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The Crochet Mochila Messenger Bag is designed by Marion Verloop, a leading expert of Mochila Designs and instructions. This concept is from the Wayuu Tribe of Colombia and is also

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Crochet Textured Tote

Crochet Textured Tote Pattern

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Crochet Textured Tote This Crocheted Textured Tote is really quite popular, in fact, my local stitching group, I have seen several women having them for their yarn haul. Interestingly, none

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Crochet Flame Stitch Bag

Crochet Flame Stitch Bag Pattern

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I am loving this bag, it’s so pretty although the Heart Flame Stitch Bag is classed as experienced, with the help of the diagram for us visual learners, it is

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Crocodile Stitch Bag

Crochet Beach Bag Pattern

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Create your own oversize beach bag using an inexpensive yarn. The straps of this bag were designed to be extremely long. Usually, when people go to the beach they are

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Felted iPad Case

Crochet Felted iPad Carry Case Cover Pattern

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Crochet Felted iPad Carry Case Cover This is the felted version for this fabulous Crochet iPad Bag. Follow the directions below for the sizing and then felt it afterwards to size

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Crochet Lacy Market Bag

Crochet Market Bag Pattern

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This Little Bag Went to Market We had fun with this crochet little market bag a few years back. It has an interesting stitch which I hadn’t seen before that

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