Crochet Luggage Bag Tag Pattern

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag Pattern

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Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

In a sea of luggage the airport or cruise ship terminals, having a crochet bag tag makes it easier for you to spot your own bag. Your identifier immediately alerts someone else that it’s not their bag.

Over the years, I have had countless bag tags ripped off my bag. So it tells me the luggage goes through an ordeal behind the scenes and by the scuff marks, it’s pretty evident.

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Crochet Luggage Bag Tag Pattern

Special Instructions

  • Cotton is one of the strongest yarns out there. For me, impossible to break by tugging on the strands.
  • Change your hook to a 3.5 mm / E hook instead. It will reduce down the flower to be tighter.
  • When completed, use the same colour as the centre and loop around the handle at least three times. Going to the complete front side and back down into the project to the back.
Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

Pull strand through the back to the front side. Jumping over the front and back down.

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Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag. Do this 3 times total.

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag

Crochet Luggage Bag Tag. Tie tightly in a knot at least twice. Do not let the flower dangle. Keep it tight to the bag.


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