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Crochet Mosaic Stitch Scarf

Crochet Mosaic Stitch Scarf Pattern

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The Crochet Mosiac Scarf is an excellent introductory-level project for the mosaic concept. I have found this one to be the easiest to understand. The mosaic concept has overlays that

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Big Fringe Triangle Scarf

Crochet Big Fringe Triangle Scarf Pattern

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Triangle Scarf Learn how to make a Big Fringe Triangle Scarf. This is easy to do scarf is just a triangle that grows to the width that you need. It

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Crochet Uplands Scarf

Crochet Uplands Scarf Pattern

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Uplands Scarf Learn how to crochet this gorgeous Uplands Scarf using Patons Uplands yarn. This is our own pattern here on The Crochet Crowd. I have made for you a

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Crochet Color Wheel Scarf

Crochet Colour Wheel Challenge Scarf

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The Crochet Colour Wheel Scarf is a challenge we have for you. It is using the newest yarn brand called Caron Little Crafties. There are 20 balls inside the package,

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Crochet Oversized Angle Scarf

Crochet Oversized Angle Scarf Pattern

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The Crochet Oversized Angle Scarf is using Red Heart Unforgettable. On one side of the scarf, you are adding an extra stitch while on the other side, you are subtracting

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Crochet Planned Pooling Wrap

Crochet Planned Pooling Intro & 15 Patterns

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Crochet Planned Pooling is the art of intentionally crocheting with variegated yarn using the moss or granite stitch. The way the variegated works up will automatically create the plaid/gingham look.

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