Crochet Corner to Corner Pillow Pattern

Crochet Double Take Pillows
Crochet Double Take Pillow
Crochet Double Take Pillow

Crochet Double Take Pillow

This Crochet Double Take Pillow is actually the Corner to Corner Concept. The front panel is truly 4 panels that are sewn together to form the pattern. You can do the same for the back but you can also cheat the system and do a solid back panel for the pillow as I did.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Double Take Pillows

This corner to corner concept makes it’s quick and easy. It makes the pillow to be any colour you wish to match your decor. It’s extremely versatile.

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Using a 16″ Square Pillow Form that can be found in various craft stores including Walmart, these are pretty easy to find. I used a 3.5 mm Size E for my project so it would be a bit tighter. I know I am a loose crocheter so by reducing my hook, I tightened up my stitch work.

For my version, I used 4 colours of the Red Heart With Love. Makes for a modern and long-lasting pillow covering.

To get the free written instruction, it’s called the Double Take Pillow. You can also follow my video tutorial below if you need further help.

Video Tutorial

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  1. L Burke

    As usual, you’re Bang On! I really like this pillow but don’t you think it would make a great afghan, too? I really appreciate the hard work you and all designers put into making patterns. I’ve been wracking my brain just trying to enlarge your pattern to an afghan size. I don’t know how you do it! Thanks so much for all your wonderful designs and I’ll keep trying to “re-create” as many as I can!

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