Free Classy Cowl Pattern
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Learn to Crochet A Classy Cowl

With a touch of Swanky Yarn by Red Heart that has built in sequins, this cowl is sure to be a crochet and knit pleaser.

Swanky Yarn is a really fun yarn with built in tear drop sequins into the yarn. Currently, there are 7 different shades of Swanky. Choose from colours such as:

  1. Berry Glamorous
  2. Chiffon
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. Purple Panache
  5. Sterling
  6. Tealessence
  7. Tuxedo

This pattern is really simple with just v-stitches. You will see a close up in the video tutorial to help you see the stitches better. Once you get how quickly and easy this is to crochet, you may have just found yourself a fun little project to work on.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Classy Crochet Cowl.

Follow the Video Tutorial

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  1. What is the stripe pattern in the clack/white/silver cowl. How many rows of each color? In what order? Thanks! Very pretty!

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