Crochet Bear Cub Poncho Pattern

Crochet Bear Cub Poncho Pattern

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Crochet Bear Cub Poncho

Crochet Bear Cub Poncho

Bear Cub Poncho

This cute Crochet Bear Cub Poncho is super adorable for young children. This pattern is pretty straight forward to work through. I’ve never done anything like this one before.

The pattern calls for Bernat Pipsqueak, in the tutorial I substituted for Bernat Softee Chunky so you could see my stitches. In the tutorial, I originally started with the same size hook and realized too far in the tutorial that the project was too small as the yarn was thicker. So if substituting, use a minimum of 8 mm / L Hook or even 10 mm / N Hook.

Bernat Pipsqueak has the ability to be flexible more than a regular type of yarn. So it’s soft and etc. So just be careful when substituting, if you are going to.

The stitchwork has open gaps but it’s not as noticeable in Pipsqueak but has is easier to crochet with as well.

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Crochet Bear Cub Poncho Pattern

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