Crochet Blanket Cardigan Pattern

Crochet Blanket Cardigan
Crochet Blanket Cardigan

Crochet Blanket Cardigan

Caron Chunky Cakes is the hottest new yarn in the Cake family to hit Michaels.  This super cute easy to make Blanket Cardigan has just been released and has jumped right near the top of my personal to-do list!  It looks incredibly warm and cozy.  Perfect for a chilly winter day.

This simple pattern uses the concept of a rectangle made from half double crochet into the horizontal bar.  It really creates the next texture.  Here is a simple diagram to demonstrate:

After it’s done, it’s a simple fold to create the armholes and you are ready to go.  It’s a great beginner project to get started with crocheted clothing.

Mikey is undecided at this time on whether or not to film a tutorial.  Leave him a yay or a nay in the comments below if you’d like him to film this one.

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Crochet Blanket Cardigan Pattern

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  1. Celeste

    PLEEEEASE make a video!!!

    • Mikey

      That yarn has been discontinued and I don’t have any in stock to make a video. I’m sorry.

      • Donna

        Miley …. I don’t think the yarn matters … people seem confused by the stitch … someone commented that she doesn’t understand what you mean by the horizontal bar. Some of us are visual learners …. so any yarn demonstrating three short rows would do ….

    • Tracy

      Please film! I don’t know how to crochet without your amazing videos!

  2. Martha

    LOve this! Is there a way to make it larger? Thank you

  3. Martha

    Why am I not finding the pattern? Sorry

  4. Yoely

    I would love a tutorial about this pattern. Could anyone help me: The link doesn’t let me download the pattern. Thanks!

  5. Suzanne Russell

    I’m completely confused on how to fold it to make the sleeves and wear it. ? I’m an avid pattern reader too. I just don’t get it. Please help!?

  6. Angi Jenkins

    Yes, a video especially for beginners. I have a lot of questions.

  7. Yes please on a tutorial! Is love to make this the first thing I make that I can wear!

  8. Donna

    Don’t think I would need a tutorial but I am not sure how to form the ‘sleeves’. Is there a diagram to show how to lay out the rectangle and fold it and where to sew?

  9. Darcey Jacobs

    Jeanne – is it foundation corner to foundation corner to create the sleeve or foundation corner to last row corner?

  10. Vicki Wilson

    Please film a tutorial.

  11. Destiny

    YES On the tutorial 🙂

  12. Rena Black

    Oh yes I would like to have it. Thanks Mikey

  13. Elizabeth

    Love it please make a tutorial. Feel better Mikey

  14. yes please Mikey do a tutorial for the blanket cardigan thanks for all your tutorials much love to you both

  15. Suzanne

    yes for me it is easier since I am a visual learner

  16. Adriana

    A tutorial would be wonderful!!

  17. Teniece

    I’m not sure on a whole tutorial but I would like a short snippet of a visual of where the hook goes in. I have a general idea but it would be appreciated! As I understand, Mikey is super sick so focus on that!

  18. Holly P

    No on the tutorial. With the diagram, it is simple enough.

  19. Patricia Jaroslawski

    it’s pretty simple but maybe you could do a quickie tutorial demonstrating the stitch; where to put your hook into the hdc.

  20. Arlene Mock

    I love this pattern but would need a plus size pattern. I this possible?

  21. Norma Williams

    Yes on the tutorial! Thanks for the pattern!

  22. Lynn

    My my yes! I think I’d live in this blanket cardigan! Yay for a tuturial! 🙂

  23. Christine Parcel Peterson

    I am excited to try this pattern. I have only made one other cardigan in all my years of crocheting, and it was not very good. So Yes! I would love to see a Mikey Tutorial!

  24. Anne

    Yes it would be great as i find seeing someone doing helps me a lot.

  25. Lyn Reynolds

    Yes please, a tutorial would be great. Love all the tutorials, so easy to follow along.

  26. Connie Waite

    Demensions?love you guys!

  27. Karen Belkosky

    I would be very happy if Mikey made a tutorial of this cardigan ?❤️??

  28. jen

    yay for a video tutorial not good at following patterns

  29. Patricia Ponte

    I love this cardigan, it seems to be simple enough but I have a question how did you do the border, is the only thing. Thanks Mikey and Diva Dan for all you do for us. LOVE YA GUYS!!!!!!

  30. Jackie D

    Tutorial please!!!! Love the idea!!!

  31. Karen

    Yay.. would love to see a tutorial on this one. I’ve made a similar one from another yarn.. it is lovely and warm…

  32. Halyphill

    Nay! The diagram and additional previous basic tutorial information is good enough. The hardest part of this pattern is in the folding.

  33. helen

    Yes please a video !!!!

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