6 Crochet Granny Stitch Inspired Patterns

Inspired by Granny Squares

Crochet Granny Creations

Can we just take a minute and appreciate the Granny Square! It has to be one of my favourite patterns to make. There are So many different things you can do with a Granny Square. Until recently I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to do a Granny. I know there were a fair amount of different styles but I didn’t know just how many there really were. Wow did my door blow wide open with possibilities.

This collection of patterns is dedicated to the wonderful Granny Square. Let’s give you a little peek into the wonderful world of some of the things you can create. If you’ve already created any of these I’d love to see it!

Crochet Country Snow Window Afghan Pattern

This Crochet Country Snow Window Afghan is so pretty I love the colours that were used in this pattern, I want to take a single square and use thread yarn to make earrings, I think that would be so lovely. Which I will probably do because I love to torture myself with that insanely thin yarn.

The Crochet Country Snow Window Afghan, appropriately names, is made with Bernat Blanket so you know it’s going to feel so soft and lovely. The snowflake framed in the pretty squares It’s an intermediate project which I could for sure see the first square being a bit of a struggle but it has the diagram as well as the written to give you a bit of a visual to see what you’re doing. As with all Granny’s once you have one down pat it’s locked in your brain and the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

Country Snow Window Afghan

Crochet Granny Slipper Pattern

Slippers are something I get asked the most often to make. Normally I drag my feet because I’m not a huge fan of making them. What I do love though is making Granny Squares so this Crochet Granny Slippers Pattern makes me very happy. One I cant wait to actually work on.

This pattern is made with Bernat Super Value. This easy Granny Slipper pattern can be made in all kinds of fun colour mixtures. It’s slippers so the wilder the combination of colours the better. I think it would be super cute in sunflower colours with the style of this particular Granny Square.

Curled up with the Country Snow Windows Afghan and these slippers sipping tea while working on your next crochet project sounds like the perfect cozy night into me!

Granny Slippers

Crochet Glam Granny Coatigan Pattern

So if you haven’t been able to guess already I am a huge fan of the Granny Square. It should surprise no one that I absolutely love this Crochet Glam Granny Coatigan Pattern. The colours used in this pattern are so very lovely together.

The Glam Granny Coatigan is made with Red Heart With Love the yarn is so soft and really pretty when it’s worked up. Designed by Heather Lodinsky this pattern looks so pretty worked up, a lovely friend of mine Michelle made this Coatigan pattern and it was so pretty. I was really happy to locate the pattern now the hard part is deciding what colours I want to use… one of every colour wouldn’t be too much, would it??

Glam Granny Coatigan


Crochet Granny’s Hankie Tank

It’s never too soon to think ahead to summer, if you travel, or if you are one of the lucky ones who live where it’s warm all the time this is great for every day and it’s always fun to have something new to wear. For me, it’s something to distract me from the snow and those lovely grey January days. I just printed off this Crochet Granny’s Hankie Tank Pattern myself I have some of the cotton cakes that have this pattern written all over it.

The Crochet Granny’s Hankie Tank Pattern is made using Sugar Bush Nanaimo, I personally haven’t used Sugar Bush but I have seen things friends have made with it, and it’s always been so lovely. Four big squares you sew together it will take you no time to wip up this pattern in a few colours!

Granny’s Hankie Tank

Crochet Granny Motif Vest Pattern

I’m pretty excited about this Crochet Granny Motif Vest Pattern. It has a definite 70’s vibe which I think is why I like it so much. It could also be because of the colours they chose in this pattern, I’m sure in different colours it would have a very different feel. I’m more than happy to try it in a few colours to see. I can’t wait to see the combinations you come up with!

The Granny Motif Vest was Adapted by Peggy Greig from vintage Red Heart pattern. It’s made using Red Heart Super Saver there are so many fun colours in that line. This top would also be a great project for using up leftover scrap yarn that you have been looking at wondering what in the world you’re going to do with it all… no? Or was that just me.

Granny Motif Vest

Crochet Granny Summer Bag Pattern

Remember Granny’s Hankit Tank? this Crochet Granny Summer Bag would be the perfect accessory to wip up to go with it. I love the look of it and I really like the closed squares for this bag, some patterns use the traditional Granny Square and although it looks wonderful I worry about losing small things. Let’s face it I don’t need any help losing anything I do quite well on my own on a good day.

The Granny Summer Bag Pattern is made using Caron Cotton Cakes. I am relatively new to using this yarn and it’s fastly becoming one of my favourites to use especially for clothing or bags when I’d like it not to stretch in places it shouldn’t and also be durable. It’s so soft compared to the cotton used for dishcloths plus the colours are wonderful so that’s a bonus.

Granny Summer Bag
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