Crochet Odd Balls Cotton Market Tote Bag

Crochet Market Tote Bag WIth Odd Balls
Crochet Odd Balls Cotton Bag
Crochet Odd Balls Cotton Bag

Do you have balls lying around? Do you have colours that just don’t go? Try the Odd Ball Market Tote Bag.

I find I get one ball of this colour, another of that and suddenly, I really don’t know what to do with the colours. I found this free market bag pattern and looked at my oddballs.

Technically, you need 5 colours. 2 balls of 1 colour and 1 ball of the other 4 colours.

It’s a strong and large size bag. It’s half double crochet between the stitches in the round below it. So it puzzles together tighter than usually regular stitches. I found myself that I didn’t gauge, so I wasn’t able to get 9 rounds of each colour. So I did 8 and then added extra rows at the top of the bag.

I literally randomly grabbed 5 colours and just went for it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The sky is the limit and now an oddball has purposes other than sitting on my shelf waiting for an idea that may never come.

You may want to know, when the ball was low, I just did single crochet around to use the ball up. You barely noticed I improvised.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Odd Ball Market Tote Bag


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  1. Sandy

    Hi Mikey, my name is Sandy and need some instruction from the master (you) on how to change stitches in a design when the stitch multiples are different. I’m not having much luck designing a shawl (rectangle) using different stitch multiples. Is there a formula to use? How do you do it? Can’t let you go without telling you how much I appreciate your You Tube videos so thank you for all you do for all of us who love to crochet!

    • Mikey

      If you have several stitches that are different multiples. You have to find the multiple where they will all meet at the same time. For example… If the multiple are 4, 8, 12… You have to find when the first time they will all sync together in order to do that. So in this case. What is the first number where all of these stitches multiples will be exactly at the same spot. The answer is 24. So the multiple would be 24 ch + whatever chains for the balance. Sometimes, some blankets on Yarnspirations, the multiple is the entire length of the project and there are no multiples that meet up. There’s one blanket that I know of where I racked my brain for hours to solve it, only to realize there was no way those stitches could work until the entire chain the designer suggested was done.

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