76 Pleasure Texture Patterns

Crochet Pokey Dots Blanket
Crochet Pokey Dots Blanket
Crochet Pokey Dots Blanket

I catch myself fingering the texture on some crochet patterns. This is 76 Crochet and Knit Pleasure Patterns. It’s oddly satisfying.

I really enjoy, in a knotty way, texture stitches. It gives me a genuine thrill in watching the project materialize with eye-popping bobbles and lifts and dips and nubblies! Don’t forget the nubblies now!

Texture gives me milestones of accomplishments along the stitching journey. I want to do another row just to see more popping, more texture… more more more! Wait… this is a crochet blog! Well you get my drift.

For your stitching pleasure, there are 75 patterns to consider. Why is there never enough time to do it all! I mean, the 24 hours on a clock is kinda rude for limiting what I can do in a day! That Pokey Dots Throw… just take my money! Oh wait, it’s a free pattern. Nevermind!

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Free Pattern: 76 Free Knit, Craft, and Crochet Patterns

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