Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket
Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket
Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket

Crochet Pine Stripes Blanket

Easy to follow pattern involving the Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket.

This blanket is simplistic single crochet and double crochet alternate between each other to give the easy texture you see in this blanket.

The main colour is 10 rows, the pinstripes are 2 rows. You simply go back and forth until you get your desired sizing.

Multiples are in stitch counts of 2 for those who would like to change the size. If you need help, there’s a tutorial below.

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Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket Pattern

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Pin Stripes Blanket Pattern

  1. Hi Mikey i enjoy watching your video’s. They are very educational and inspiring. I like to crochet but I’m clueless when it comes to designing my own patterns like tops and things like that.
    I have a design that I was wondering if you can guide me how to do it.
    My name is Sheldene my email is can you please help me or guide me to someone who you think can help me.
    Tx you.

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