Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap

Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap
Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap
Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap

The Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap is the sister to the Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap without the added stitches to form the hood.

During the research and designing of this hooded version. I had written notes of my mathematics and thought process. Originally, I wasn’t going to design a pocket wrap without a hood.

Using my notes, I was able to make the second version easily by changing the starting counts of the wrap so extra stitches are not in place to form the hood.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap
Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Textured Hooded Pocket Wrap Version
Crochet Hooded Pocket Wrap
Crochet Textured Pocket Wrap


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  1. Marsha Taylor

    Thank you Mikey, you are fabulous I watch you on you tube all the time. I have learned so much. Someday I hope to meet you but my age you never know ,lol
    Keep crocheting
    Marsha Taylor

    • Mikey

      It’s hard to predict the future at this point. Been a tough year for so many people.

  2. Deb Wesley

    Hello mikey I’m looking for a pattern seams like I’m unable to unless I pay for it…its called interlocking shell stitch blanket…this is what it looks like.

    • Mikey

      I’ve not seen anything like that before. I don’t know where you can get that pattern for free. Maybe continue to search Ravelry and maybe someone has written is up. Myself, if I look at it and write out the pattern, I will be nailed for copyright infringement and I don’t wish to do that to the designer as they put original thought and design to their project. It would make me legally liable as well.

      • Deb

        I’ve looked on revelry, same on there you gotta pay for it….any other sites you know if where I can look

      • Mikey

        I usually buy from Ravelry or ETSY. That’s where I would look if I were you.

  3. Linda Noyes

    I sent a message before regarding a problem with a pattern but never heard back
    I was trying to make the 12 point or 7 point star Afghan but couldn’t get it to lay flat – what am I doing wrong or your suggestions appreciated
    Linda Noyes

    • Mikey

      If it is buckling, it means your hook is too small for the yarn. You will need to increase your hook size. if the blanket is ruffling with what appears to be too many stitches, you need to decrease your hook down. It’s a tension issue with the yarn versus the hook.

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