Crochet Tournament of Stitches with Marly

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Marly Bird Tournament Of Stitches
Marly Bird Tournament Of Stitches

Crochet Tournament of Stitches

Marly Bird is hosting the Tournament of Stitches for both crocheters and knitters. The project is a sampler scarf using Crochet Mosaic Stitches.

Marly has weekly prizes for this tournament. The patterns include stitching diagrams for your convenience. This fun idea runs until April 16th.

Should you have any questions, Marly or Katelyn will be glad to answer your questions on their Blog of Facebook Page

Get More Information
Get More Information: Tournament of Stitches

Mosaic Crochet is overlapping stitches to form intricate patterns and ideas. The next Stitch Along with JOANN Fabric and Crafts is also a Woven Mosaic Stitch Sampler Blanket that launches on March 23th.

Both of these examples are great starting points for learning the Crochet Mosaic Stitch Techniques.

JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket. Click Picture to Get More Information.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Baby Marly Hat Pattern
  2. My First Knit Summer Vest Knit Along Pattern
  3. Up, Up & Away – From Mikey’s Desk
  4. Crochet Mosaic Pillow Pattern
  5. The Crochet Cruise Final Voyage 2022

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