Knit Back to the Basics Dishcloth
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Knit Back to the Basics Dishcloth
Knit Back to the Basics Dishcloth

Beginner Knit Dishcloth

Learn to knit with a Knit Beginner Dishcloth sample. Using 4.5 mm or US & Knitting Needles to make this sample.

  1. A tutorial below showing you how to cast on. You will need 38 stitches on the needles before starting to do the knit stitch.
  2. Once you are ready, go to the second video to learn how to do the knit stitch. You will do the knit stitch until the cloth is 8″. One ready, go to the next video.
  3. Finally, go to the third video to learn to cast off.

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Same stitch used, cast on 38 using 4.5 mm / US & Knitting Needles. 1 Ball of Lily Sugar’n Cream is needed.


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