Knitting Slip Knots

How to Make Slip Knots
How to Make Slip Knots
How to Make Slip Knots

How to Make Slip Knots

To start a knitting project, you have to start with the first slip knot that is slid onto your knitting needles. A knot is needed to prevent the yarn from unravelling from the start of the project.

When you think knitting or crochet, you are making loops that link to each other. The starting slip knot is the first padlock in place to prevent it from coming apart at the beginning.

Slip knots can be done in many different ways. My mother may have shown me this version that I use today but I am not quite sure. I do know that I have never changed the way I have done my slip knots in nearly the 30 years I have been crocheting. To me, it’s easy to remember and I have it done to science without thinking about it much.

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Quick Overview

  • Point your hand like you simulating a gun shape.
  • With your other hand, wrap the starting of the yarn around the pointer finger as illustrated in the tutorial below. You will have two loops on your finger.
  • Open the handle of your gun-shaped hand and clamp the yarn leading to the end of the strand and strand leading to the yarn ball. Provide a little bit of tension.
  • Your thumb side of your gun-shaped hand is the back of your hand. The pointer finger at the end is the front of the hand.
  • Lift the loop closest to your thumb and lift it over the other loop leading to the front of your pointer finger. Rest it near the end of the finger but not all the way over.
  • Pinch the loop that is now closest to the back of your hand and lift over the other loop and right over your finger.
  • A slip knot is formed. Slide-in knitting needle and pull the strand to the needle. Do not overtighten the knot. Slip knots can be re-opened easily if you over tighten. In time, you will get to become consistent.


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