Round Circles Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

Crochet Wall Hanging
Crochet Wall Hanging
Crochet Wall Hanging

Round In Circles Crochet Wall Hanging

Give your space a tribute to your hook-work. Introducing the Crochet Wall Hanging by Yarnspirations. These are round circles that attach to each other in the final round. So you will complete 1 round and then all remaining circles in the hanging will begin attaching to each other as you make them.

You can choose colours that mean something to you or match your decor better. It’s pretty much open to creativity.

For the cottage, you may want to find a long piece of driftwood from the lake, sea or ocean. Use it as a top. Then use creams and beachy colours to make hangings to make your space so incredible and fitting to your lifestyle.

This is using Acrylic Yarn, you will not want to leave this outside. So be sure this is a decoration outdoors that you take it out as you are outside but bring it in. Acrylic over time will fade and become brittle if left outside in sun and weather conditions. You may get away with leaving it outside for extended periods of time if it doesn’t get wet or is in the sun. Or just use it inside in your home decor.

So be modern and hook up something kewl!

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Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

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