Crochet Stripe it Beanie
Crochet Stripe it Beanie
Crochet Stripe it Beanie

Crochet Stripe It Beanie

Have you seen this yarn before? It’s called Vivid, by Red Heart. I saw this yarn back last December when visiting Red Heart’s office. I was truly surprised by the thickness of this yarn. As my Red Heart mentors said to me.

  • It is our thickest yarn ever provided under the Red Heart brand.

This pattern is called the Stripe It Beanie Crochet Pattern. Easy and quick.

They are calling this yarn Vivid because the entire line is bold and bright. They have the black to really make the neon colours pop out. They were telling me in (2012) that neon accessories are surging back into the marketplace. It’s not like an 80’s rival of wearing head to foot neon, but more so, a splash of neon in accessories. Though I will admit, I have seen some people in my home town wearing head to foot neon this spring.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Stripe It Beanie Hat

The thickness of this yarn is truly outstanding. I was selling this yarn at Creativ Festival this Spring and it seemed to hit a soft spot with people. There are a few more advantages to this yarn as well:

  • Teaching kids to crochet using the thick yarn is easier for them to see what they are doing. It’s a great starting point.
  • The colours make a project exciting for kids as well.
  • For us adults, the project is jet speed quick and super easy.
  • The thickness of the yarn is definitely a hot spot in those cold winter months.

Leave me a reply below with me some comments you have about this yarn? What do you think? 

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  1. Mikey, I don’t think you’re the type of person to harm anyone purposely and it’s kind of you to reword your blog. I don’t think anyone would have taken your wording as hurtful. I’m OCD and I know I wouldn’t.have thought you were trying to hurt me. It’s just something people use to describe things that happen. Oh well, you get my drift. Thanks for all your tutoring and great columns and all the wisdom you bring with you. Thanks again. Betty L. Radcliffe, Marquette, Michigan

  2. I love this hat. Ive been searching for a pattern using thick yarn but haven’t had much luck until now. A lady, at our local markets, sells beanies made on really thick yarn and they look fabulous but the price tag is a bit silly considering the small amount of yarn used and so quick to make.

  3. I really like the brightness. Ill have to get a few at the store on payday. I am all for quick and easy. I already downloaded the pattern.

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