Crochet Taffy Pull Scarf Pattern

Taffy Pull Scarf
Taffy Pull Scarf
Taffy Pull Scarf

Crochet Taffy Pull Scarf

Easy to hook and so fabulous to wear. Introducing the Taffy Pull Scarf by Debbie Stoller. It’s a free pattern that Debbie created for Red Heart Yarns. It’s colourful choices leave for endless possibilities of variations of what your scarf can potentially look like. Best of all, it’s not a uniform design where you can see a colour pattern. The pattern is so easy to follow but by changing the colours around, it doesn’t look uniform. It’s great for crocheters who like to live outside the box.

Are you looking for an interesting scarf crochet pattern? This may just be it.

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Taffy Pull Scarf Pattern

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  1. Tina First

    The link for the pattern says: page does not exist.

  2. Melissa Pratt

    tried clicking on the link to send me to the pattern on the Red heart website and it said the page does not exist 🙁

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