Afghan Size Calculator

Mikey Afghan Size Calculator
How to figure out your sizing for your afghan.

Afghan Sizing Customized For You

How to do you figure out afghan sizes? I have created a formula to help you achieve the chain counts needed to get to the sizes you need. The formula will also calculate stitch sets for those who require a pattern, such as a wave afghan to stay in balance for stitches.

Sizes of afghans have been provided in the equation for those interested to know the standard sizes of crochet afghans. I have included everything from receiving blanket sizes to king size. I have included the drape and non-drape of the afghans for those who are looking for that.

For my calculator, you will need to a measuring tape to give me a few dimensions. Due to everyone having their own gauge for stitching, this formula will adjust to your own tension to provide you accurate details.

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